Absence of turn indicator on Garmin aircraft

As y’all know, with the advent of 19.4 and a C172 with working instruments, IF has become more realistic and with VOR navigation being added, has also become a helpful tool for practicing maneuvers. With that being said, a turn indicator (part of the turn coordinator) is present on the analog C172, and this helps with flying holding patterns manually as a standard rate turn can be gauged from the turn coordinator. Here is what the turn coordinator looks like when a standard rate turn is made:

As you can see the wings point to the hash marks just above “L” or “R”

For glass displays, the slip skid indicator is placed separately from the turn indicator, however both are present. The turn indicator in this case is just above the heading indicator and is gauged by a magenta vector.

My issue is, if both components (slip skid indicator and turn indicator) of the turn coordinator are present in the analog C172, why is the slip skid indicator the only component featured on the Garmin C172 and the TBM930? For the Garmin instrument aircraft the turn indicator is absent. The FAA lists the turn indicator as a required parameter displayed on glass displays, so for it to be absent on Garmin aircraft in IF compromises realism. It would definitely be awesome for the turn indicator to be present on Garmin aircraft, since this further improves IF as a training tool and increases realism. For example, having a turn indicator allowing holding patterns to be flown manually WITH a higher degree of accuracy because turn rate is indicated and without the need of calculating bank angle. I’m not sure if incorporating this will necessitate a large scale rework, but if possible, I do hope the turn indicator is added for Garmin aircraft to aid training and realism.

Disclaimer: I wasn’t sure if this should be a feature request because the turn indicator is technically present on one aircraft, and making it a feature request may imply that it isn’t a feature already present (which it technically is, on the analog C712) so I posted it here. Feel free to remove this post if the criterion is not matched.

Rather small error if it is truly missing.

Let’s put our focus on the larger anomalies instead of these minor details. I’m sure a beta tester will pick up on this and report as required. Keep in mind the XCub was the first rendition of a “glass” cockpit in Infinite Flight. Building blocks… gotta start somewhere. 🙂