ABQ center on TS


I was just wondering if there’s an “official tutorial” when and how to use center, even if it’s just on TS.

I was on TS at KFFZ doing pattern work, minding my own business and even though tower and ground were both online,
ABQ center kept bugging me to contact him because I’m in active airspace.

His name is Pandaman380 but I can’t seem to find him.



The thing is, this is the training server. Yes, there is a tutorial in the user guide - found on the home screen or at infiniteflight.com - but, that user isn’t required to read/watch it. If you’re looking for a more reliable experience with ATC, the only way to do so really is to fly on the expert server where IFATC are trained and know what there doing.


I understand it’s TS but it’s still very annoying when people just want to get ATC ops but don’t know what they’re doing.


Rumors, or this picture shows that Tyler Shelton’s next tutorial will be about ATC Center.

source : Infinite Flight on Instagram: "Tyler is working on two new tutorial videos; one for pilots and one for ATC. Can you guess the topic?"


@misterATOMIC Looks like it was already made, thats good news at least!

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While a lot of people on TS are practicing and don’t really know the right commands, unfortunately lot are trolls. If you want a better experience then I would recommend flying on Expert

Tutorial : YouTube video

But there also a tutorial on the guide for ATC Center :D

At least it’s a video in the same general style.

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Best way to get better on the TS is opening up a tracking thread at and airport like KSSC. Usually some IFATC members will attend and give feedback.

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