Above the Earth


Check these ones out! :)

First one

Second one?

And the Dubai one was taken on May 2018 :P

I hope you liked the shots though;)

I really wouldn’t use the word “copying” lmao

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If anyone wants to collaborate I’ll happily add their pictures as well to the original post;)

Might I add, is this a glitch or did u actually get up to FL1400?

So you flew around the world???

Kinda, yes.

So in one flight?

No, these photos were taken in different times.

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Ok. That makes more sense

Alrighty, here are some pictures taken well above 10 million feet :)

And to top it off, here’s how the moon looks when you’re up 17 million feet ;)

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I got a 150K feet a359 glitch

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Err… the moon is only about 1 million feet away from us. 😉


lol “weirdly” at 17m ft it’s still above me 😂😂

Apparently The Moon is actually 1261154400 feet from The Earth. Thanks for the heads up @Jake_Seitz 😂😂


Nice shots there! Everybody does these shots with fighter jets and you do it in an airliner. That’s quite different and not something we’re used to see lmao

The moon is 1 billion feet away from us. Lol but 10 million is definitely a lot

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Please check here : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lunar_distance_(astronomy)

But yes, it is quite far.

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Great poses.
I’m following 👍🏻😉

Thank you!

If you’d like to collaborate with these shots, let me know!

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Wow those look great, saw this on the IFC yesterday I just can’t remember who posted it so tag them if you know. :)

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That would be @Altaria55

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