Above The Clouds Non-Profit Organization

Above the Clouds is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring joy and hope, through the wonder of small aircraft flight, to children who are seriously ill, disabled, under served or facing other serious adversity. Hello! My name is Josh and I am a volunteer at Above the Clouds. The reason I am reaching out to the IF community is because I thought that I should let you know that there is ways to use flying to put a smile on a kids face. Now I’m not going to right a 10 paragraph letter about Above The Clouds but I will say this , If you want to put a smile on a kids face through small airplane flight this is the place to do it. On the Above the Clouds website page their are some videos about Above The Clouds. You can also donate on their website too. Everything is their on the website . I highly suggest you watch the video on the homepage of their website. When I watched that video it truly put me to tears.

I hope you will take a chance to look at their webpage!



And here is their website:

Looks like they do some really good work.

BTW next time please include this ;)

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