Above everything else, enjoy it!

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Over the years I have seen Infinite Flight move on up, develop itself and change. It’s grown from the once a reasonably small set up with a few limited regions, aircraft, features and a good old wonky spacecraft into something much bigger. A global scale, shared open world (literally) environment for all aviation enthusiasts to take part in and enjoy.

Continuous (and sometimes under appreciated) and hard work from those developing and working behind that scenes have seen it grow into something I feel is a great accomplishment, and it’s not finished with. Going back to the fundamentals, it is a downloadable app on a mobile device that you subscribe to. But I think it is more than that…

This community that has built up around it is an exceptional thing and being a part of it for just over 2 years has been excellent, and quite addictive if I’m honest. The diverse amount of topics, people, and views on things is a great way of engaging with the people who actually wire it all together. They are no longer behind the scenes and are often active here which makes it what it is. Of course, building in active community ATC as well is a major plus and as an overall experience is thoroughly enjoyable.

Sometimes though, and of course no critical or hurtful (ever) words intended or anything else other than what it is, I do feel that we lose the core and forget what it should be about sometimes. I said we, as in yes, I do as well sometimes.

We all look for different things. Many strive for an experience of purest realism and many want to just get up there and do flying things and others want a combination of both. Many want to get involved and see other users around and of course we all want an opinion on everything. That could be anything from what we want to see in the future, how things and others should work now. With that, it can get a bit intense sometimes, and bang! The enjoyment is gone. That’s where you take a step back and go “Ahhh”. Just enjoy it.

In an environment where we might get annoyed and hugely critical about other users or decisions made which could be anything from others flying or taxiing through you, ATC issuing reports, lack of this being added, this being chosen instead of that, wanting of everything and in some people’s cases and sadly at times absolute anger at some aspects and people involved at any level in the Infinite Flight experience and those that are part of it and it all comes back to stuff which is there to be ultimately enjoyed.

The trick is not to be taken beyond that level into a part that kills the core. Analysing every single tiny detail and movement and criticising it whilst forgetting about the fun factor and sometimes losing it and blaming others for every single tiny thing in an almost sour way. That’s not what it’s all about.

What it should be and always should be in my view is the enjoyment. Flying, participating, being there and most of all having a good time with it and having a good time in the experience. Sure, we all get irritated from time to time if someone ruffles your feathers. Take a step back and remember, above all else, enjoy it!

Good times.


That was beautiful :D

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Today is a test of this bit particularly for some and a celebration for others. Sit back and accept it - remember, having a good time is paramount :-)

Well said @Helmethead 👌😀

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Cheers Sean 👍

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