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Hello commanders! I thought to ask this question in support, but I thought it was better to do it here in general. Well, I was approaching VIDP which was at 0 visibility at the time and was 10 miles and was able to see the entire runway. I’m not an expert in this situation, but as far as I know the “mist” would have to be denser, am I correct? And the procedure that was performing CAT II or III in ILS 29.
Remember that previous versions will be difficult to see aircraft and especially taxiway. I wonder if this is a known issue.
I think an approximation with 0 visibility would be something like the video below.

In my opinion a visibility that is “0” doesn’t make sense, but I can see the track. I think it takes away some of the fun.


I don’t fully understand what you are going at. The video is private so we cannot see it. Do you mind sharing an updated link?

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Hello @Marina , how are you? Of course I will leave the link below.I mean at the VIDP airport it was with zero visibility information. And when I was approaching that airport, 10 miles from the landing, I was already seeing the runway.

Low visibility today is not like the video below.

Zero visibility should be denser fog. Did you understand my question?

So just to make sure I have this straight the METAR at the airport showed 0 for visibility but you could still see? What exactly did the METAR or weather say? Nearly 0 visibility definitely exists in Infinite Flight, so I would assume this was just foggy and not quite 0. If you could already see then runway at 10 miles than it should be reported basically clear on the weather.

Hi @KPIT how are you? So it was 0 visibility at the time, I’ll send you a print for you to take a look at.

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@Murilo_Heindrich you’d need the METAR, not the visibility shown in the ATIS. The ATIS broadcasted information is not as detailed when visibility is 0.

ATIS will read out 0 but it may be a specific XX amount of meters or statue miles in the METAR.

Edit: For example, VIDP currently is at 1000 meters of visibility. If you play around with the visibility on solo then you’ll realize why having the exact visibility reading is important.

VIDP 162200Z 00000KT 1000 R28/P2000 R29/P2000 BR NSC 15/10 Q1014 NOSIG

Looking at the landing report at the time it was 1618ZULU. The exact moment was coming.

I’d have to test it but I believe 2100 meters, which is what you’re showing there, you would be able to see the runway like you’re describing.

Also your graphics settings can effect what you see. If you’re on lower graphics settings the fog may be less noticeable and more see-through.

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I use this setting @Trio That setting my affection it?

Yeah, Low rendering quality will cause fog to be less foggy, more see-through. Go on solo and play around with the visibility on short final. 100m, can’t see anything, 2000 meters (2.1km), you can see some portions of the ground but it’s still low visibility.

Edit: On all high graphics, same exact spot on short final.

2000m (2.1km)


Both would be shown as 0 visibility in ATIS but in the actual METAR you’d get the exact visibility reading.

Yes! By day it is exactly as you showed. Can you show me this at night? Look that I tried now with everything full.

Trio I’m not doubting you, okay?

At night it is visible, yes. Not entirely sure if that’s intentional but it is what you showed.

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Got it, can you see if this is intentional? @Trio thank you very much for your patience and taking the time to help clarify🙏🙂👏

Ive also had this as well. Recently on appr it was night time and i could see the whole runway. Usually after i land i change the time to day so i can actually see the taxiways properly and found out to my surprise that it was really low visibility. I would switch between day and jight and when it turns night i vould see the whole runway. Weird

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Hi! @ralph_ocfemia I think it’s weird too. By day it is closer to reality. I found a photo and video of an approach possibly at night. Realize that when approaching 5 mn you can’t see the runway. Of course you can’t tell the conditions at that time, but the fog density is very different from day to night.

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