About violations

Hello IFC,

6 days ago, I did a flight from KLAX to MPTO in a Copa Airlines B738. The flight was supposed to last about 6 hours since departure.

After I had climbed up to an altitude of FL340 at a speed 290 knots Airspeed and 1 hours of extra fuel for my flight, I left my flight proceed to MPTO.

After oversleeping for 2 hours prior to landing, I had woke up noticing that I crahsed with 592 violations resulting me from not entering on Expert until I complete 1,200 landings and 592 landings to enter in Training server.

Usually when this type of stuff happens I get about 4-8 violations which is fine to me because I can just get the penalty and do my landings but now I have to do 1200 landings which will take me a really long time to do and get back to expert server.

I also know that this happened during stall be because it goes in a sequence until the crash.


I would like to know if this can get reverted or at least take away 500 violations off and I could deal with the rest.

Btw, I don’t exactly know where this type of topic should go into but I’m going to leave it in Live because it is more suitable for this type of issues.


Yes. The moderators can certainly remove those violations as it’s supposed to System ghost you at 6 Violations. This is a known glitch and Infinite Flight recently sent out a hotfix update that should prevent this issue. Please check to make sure that you are fully updated.

What is your callsign?


Hello! We can get your display name and your callsign, so @schyllberg can remove these 500+ violations.

Thanks for your reply, didn’t know that this was a known issue so I should’ve made this topic 6 days ago.

Callsign: N02BG
Display name: BryantLol


Also yeah I’m at the latest version since this happened 6 days ago and the hotfix update was 4 days ago according to the App Store.


Alright perfect. So in the future, this shouldn’t happen. But always come to the forum for help if you need it. All information and glitches found are key to help the Infinite Flight Staff Team squash those issues and make Infinite Flight a better app.

Just hang around. A moderator will get around to removing those violations Soon™. Have a great evening


We will get it reversed and let you know. Hang tight.


Hello I am having the same Violation issues. My display name: is Christopher Stewart
Call sign: biscayne life

I have: 264 violations/174 landings

Send a screenshot of your logbook & Stats Table @christopher_stewart1

While we look into removing them, please make sure your Infinite Flight app is updated to the latest version.

@Bryant_Lol @christopher_stewart1

The violations have now been removed for you.
As @Chris_S mentioned, please make sure you update the app to the most recent version which contain a fix for this issue.

Have a great weekend!