About violation

Hi. I want to ask, I got the 5 th violation on October and downgrade to training server. Can I get back to expert server on next year, 1st?

When the first of your five violations has expired is when you will be able to access expert server, and not the 1st of the year (unless the first violation was from January 1st).

Is a Violation or a Report?

3 level 2 and 2 level 3

Yup, so if you view your violation history, the date of the first one (add one year) will be the date you regain Grade 3.

If you go to your grade table it will show you the date that you got reported. I believe its no more than 3 for ES

Thank you, this topic can closed

You’ll regain access to expert on July 20, 2021 if that helps.