About VA support in Infinite Flight

While we like to see a lot of VA activity in this category, it is also an opportunity for VA enthusiasts to participate in the making of direct VA support in IF.

To be clear, this is not something that will come anytime soon, but it would be great to have some ideas about what features are necessary to run VAs and how you would expect it to work in IF.

Feel free to list your top 3 features for VA support in IF and how each would work (be precise). The limit is to keep things short and focused.

  1. Flight reporting to owners (though this is something I am looking into with the API). Would report route, FPL, time, aircraft, callsign etc.
  2. Ability to make custom ‘airline’ callsigns
  3. Custom liveries? My idea would be you release a template which you can design with an image editor (eg GIMP or Photoshop), save onto photos and import?

Maybe a feature where fictional VA’s could create their own liveries and these could be added into IF?

  1. Custom liveries, although we would have to run the livery past VA Mods to make sure it’s for a VA and doesn’t have something like “F U Air”.

  2. VA Mods to look after VAs and make sure no livery claiming crap happens.


1, 2 and 3. Custom Liveries


Custom liveries is a lot more challenging that you guys might expect:

  • We need to find an easy way to let ppl download the generic liveries to modify
  • We need a way for VA to upload the livery so everyone can also see them
  • It will need heavy moderation to ensure there is no inappropriate content
  • Custom liveries will need to be updated when we update/improve aircraft

Let’s set “custom liveries” aside for now and focus on the user flow for VA: how do you see it working inside the app? what type of feature do you need to manage a VA?


I am not that involved in a VA, but what about a page where you could see all your pilots, latest flight and that kind of stuff?

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Maybe a web portal, users register for a VA and the app auto-detects when they are doing a VA flight. A report of the flight would be viewable by the Owner in the portal and update stats accordingly?

What about phpVMS integration?

Aside from custom liveries, here are some ideas:
1). A Virtual Airline Manager, letting CEO’s accept, view, and kick <(This could be abused) members.
2). A built-in flight tracker to track VA pilots and, (if VAs have it), controllers?
3). If VAs allow, maybe a testing feature, that test pilotes to see if they qualify for the VA? This could be also used, like its done in IFATC, to make sure that the member are “up-to-date”, and still qualifies for the VA.

That’s all I got for ideas…

@matt I sent you a detailed email about this back in September

  1. Pilot tracking
  2. Custom Callsigns
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While I don’t look forward to the day VA support is made a feature of IF, some features that would make it easier for us to run our VAs are

  1. ACARS-type flight tracker
    This is integral to the authenticity of the VA. At the moment, my VA, KLC Virtual, shares the same predicament as VAs like American (@americanairlinesif) and Qantas (@qantasvirtualairways), we cannot know for sure if a flight has or has not taken place. With use of one of the IF APIs, something could be developed to authenticate a flight while being flown, as I know that data from the APIs cannot be stored, so authentication would have to happen during the flight. I would dearly love to do or see something like this become an option for IF VAs in the near future. I would love to even try myself to develop something but my coding knowledge is limited to web coding. All I can offer is my website to use for resting if anyone who pioneers that sort of development
  2. VA Ranking System
    A VA ranking system would assist pilots greatly in choosing a Virtual Airline to fly for. It would not be decided that the best VA is the one with the largest membership, which happens on Facebook VAs a lot, but rather the hours flown, earnt pilot CP and the grades of the Pilots. Hours do not prove a useful benchmark for ranking a VA, as a Pilot could sit idle for hours on end in game, not doing anything (Please let me know if hours are only calculated by hours in air while in game), however even so hours do not reflect the experience or calibre of a VA. A final aspect of the rankings should be reviews by Pilots themselves, about the VA, certain points etc. An example of such a system already in existence is vaCentral, which ranks FSX VAs usually with phpVMS integration, by certain factors, some of which I mentioned above.
    They are my two points, however instead of an ACARS system, an in-game resource to assist VAs mange their pilots and flights etc. would mean no need for an ACARS development, and in some respects, for a phpVMS website. As mentioned above, a portal for pilots to log in. This would be great for VAs using phpVMS or another CMS, using a bridge to get pilot details etc. from IF. You may ask, what sort if security would this have for my details? Well, if this ever saw the light of day, VAs would need to have an SSL certificate and reasonable security to prevent data theft and identify fraud. By law regardless, sites that store personal data are meant or have a form of security, but for a VA in IF, which is reasonably small, it is a high price to pay along with hosting and domain fees. Let’s also consider that a great deal of the people being the “CEO” of their VA in IF are 10-12 year olds that are too young to even be a member of one themselves for legal reasons (COPA). This means that VAs can’t always meet these requirements. I also notice that people are asking a lot for custom callsigns, because of actions of members of the community, we now suffer as a result of their actions and cannot have or own callsigns. There is much more that I haven’t included on here about some of the aforementioned, if a dev or someone is interested in hearing a bit more, please let me know, I would love to help in whatever way I can.

Ability to make custom liveries and custom airline Callsign
TravelSky 1 Heavy instead of GA Callsign

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Of just Generic aircraft with custom text to add

Example : Set text in the body : “MY AIRLINE”
Its look like A great start

Something like this


Maybe something like Minecraft skins

The thing is with Minecraft skins is that you cannot make rude stuff because they are so low-res.

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Custom liveries probably. So you’ll have a separate developer app to create the Livery in then it’s able to be imported.

Hopefully livery files arent that big and other users will be able to see it without the file being on their system.

About phpVMS integration, I believe it is IF or the ACARS that is attached to to that should be integrated into phpVMS, instead of it being integrated into IF. Think of phpVMS being a totally independent software that has it’s own API and features