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This is just a question (I know it takes up to 7 days to answer). How long did it take you to get a response about your request for an atc trainer?

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It can take a long time. They all have lives, and most are stocked up with whatever they are doing. It all depends on the recruiter, but better not to mention names.

Patience is key.


It takes as long as it takes no ETA. Recruiter are really busy. Thanks for the patience.

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I know, only a question

I know, is only a question

Please make sure that you meet all of the requirements, specifically:

  • Have taken the IFATC written exam at least once and scored a 65% or higher.

As others have stated, please be patient, as the current world events have led to a high influx of new trainees, and it may be hard to squeeze in new applicants.

Two things, first I ask how long it takes someone, and second, in the publication it says that it already takes a long time. And I wouldn’t have applied if I didn’t meet the requirements.

In the publication it does say that it takes a long time. Every recruiter different, and I don’t know which one you contacted, nor is our business who.

Your answer was and is here:

We can’t specifically tell you how long it will take, but give you the best we can.

Hey Alberto,

Crazy how only one person somewhat answered your question.

From my experience, it can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 10 days for a trainer to contact you.

Would you please let me know when you submitted your request?


Haha its been more than two weeks since I submitted my request. They told me to wait so I am waiting now. 😂

Thanks for your answer! Last Sunday I gave the practical test, and I did not pass it, the recruiter told me to contact a coach and that same day I sent the form, it was Sunday 12th

Ok! The form is still visible but a trainer hasn’t picked you up yet.

Give it a few more days. Contact me in a few days if you haven’t been contacted.


@CapDUDE submit another request if it’s been two weeks without a trainer contacting you. Make sure you meet all the new requirements!


Ok will, thank you!

Took me less than a day

Lol, thx 4 your answer

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