About touch and goes

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Do you decelerate on the runway during touch and goes?


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Just imagine: I’m in A318 for touch and go. Speed is 130kts ish. I’ve touched the runway. Do I have to then use reverse trust and/or brakes to decelerate a little bit and then throttle to 90% again? Or no deceleration just become airborne ASAP?

No, usually you let the aircraft just roll down the runway while you reset your spoilers and flaps for takeoff.


Are you doing the touch and goes so you get your landings up or is it for fun?

Here is a good video by Mark on how to do a touch and go:


Have a check of the tutorials section on how to perform a touch and go.

As far as I know you have to ensure that you get all landing gear on the ground before accelerating and taking off again. For a TnG you normally keep spoilers in flight mode.


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