About tomorrow’s ATC schedule

Hey everyone,

So I’m currently looking for a Long-haul to do just before I sleep now and I noticed that the entire region around Istanbul is featured.

Now here’s my question, will there be ATC at airports such as LGAV constantly? Or just when ATC want to. Because I want to land with ATC available.

I’d appreciate an answer as quick as possible, and many thanks!

Istanbul is expected the be manned all day. All other airports are ATC choice as the topic suggests. LGAV may or may not be active tomorrow.


Airports are manned where possible. However, if you are long hauling to athens its a gamble as to when surrounding airports are manned. Its safer to stick with the main airport(s) for IF events iv found

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Hmm. So it’s kinda a risk right? I want to fly to athens but only it there will be ATC 100%.

Yeah, so my best bet is Istanbul right?

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Even the Hub can be a risk. We try to focus on the Hub but not all of us are able to handle that traffic so we open others in the region, like LGAV.

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Yes i would say so. At least theres a huge choice of long hauling!

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Yeah, that’s a plus.

You already know the main airport that will be featured tomorrow. The rest is risk. That’s your answer.
No need to further discuss this really. Want long hauls look them up:) Very simple and keeps the forum from being clogged


Argh! This is a risky choice!

Yeah, was just wondering if airports highlighted will also be under ATC as much as possible.

I will be flying istanbul - lax tomorrow evening i think

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The problem lies in the lack of diversity of many pilots (not including you in that). We try to stay busy, but the main hub often attracts 95% of the traffic within the region.


Tuesday Featured Airport: Istanbul [LTFM]
All others ATC Choice!

Pretty sure that explains it perfectly. “Copied from the ATC schedule post”.

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Remember, you don’t have to fly into the big hub of the day. The important part about ATC choice is the ability to explore places you wouldn’t normally travel.

You’ll find many days that there’s is a main hub, and that other airports are opened with little to no traffic. Check out the region, hop into a 737BBJ, or a CCX, and explore somewhere new! Us controllers will be, and so should you!


Yeah! I will most definitively do that tomorrow! But I’m struggling with what to do for a Long haul.

Do your long haul to Athens. If there’s no ATC when you arrive, do another flight later from Athens to Istanbul to get your daily fix of IFATC.

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Enough discussion. You have your answer on the atc. You can look up long haul routes or start from an international airport across the globe there you go:)

The thing is I’m not sure if I’ll be able to… I am travelling tomorrow! So that’s why I’d like to fly into tomorrow’s featured airports with a Long haul :)

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I have been searching for flights on FR24 and on Google for the past 30 mins. I already have some flights in mind, but I just want to guarantee that I will get ATC services. That’s it. :)