About the "What plane should I buy next" topics

I do believe that there are too many topics about people asking what they should buy next. We should keep it in one big topic so it doesn’t spam the forum. Plus, it is also your decision on what to buy.


So true, at first it was fine, but now it just got out of hand


I personally see nothing wrong with them, I mean we are a community right? We do help each other out?

It’s just a bit of public opinion. I simply think it’s great, it gets info about what your buying , since it doesn’t give that much info on the simulator.

As an amount, it’s not overflowing, it’s not crowding the categories.

Anyway that’s my opinion on the matter!


That’s a mess for sure.


I agree with @Skylines, this is suppose to be a community forum and if you limit too many types of post then nobody will be able to post much of anything. Plus the more restrictions you put on posting the more of a chance you have of a new member unknowingly posting something and that would paint them in a bad light right away.

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Nothing wrong with them as long as there aren’t 402718293 a day or multiple ones by the same person. Having them on one big topic is not going to work from a moderation point of view


I’m bringing this back up. These should stop being allowed. They add nothing to the forum, and people can come to a conclusion of what to spend their money on for themselves.


My opinion has also changed. We could maybe a do one forum wide poll and have that as a reference for all future queries.