About the water in the 2015 IF

I’ve seen the video on YouTube of infinite flight and the graphics looked way better back then, idk if the water was real cause in the video it was moving?

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Ni it wasn’t real water, but yes it moved

I personally prefer global graphics, but before there were a dozen regions. it would be very complicated to redo realistic water with global

Ok, graphics were better though, there was runway lights also, but now there’s none

Runway lights still exist.


I suggest you fly around the Salt Lake City area or the Bahamas. Global has superior water in my opinion. Pre global did reflect but it was all one color.


If you ever take part in a group flight with a bunch of people in a line, turn on aircraft boxes and center your HUD. When you zoom in, you can tell that each plane that’s further from you is a little “lower”, despite being at the same altitude. You can actually “see” the curvature of the earth this way!

The water was a different texture which made it appear differently.

Personally. I liked the old water graffics. They were super realistic. I hope we can bring them back!


I agree but when I saw the YouTube video (2015) it was laggy but the device used wouldn’t have been supported really

The old water was actually rendered vs now a satellite image. Rending an entire ocean for global would not be easy on devices.

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For me, Both of the water reflection before and after Global are fine. And yes, the previous water reflection is cool.

How would rendering global water be done? Isn’t there a way (I.e., how aircraft textures are loaded) to not load that detail until it’s needed (I.e., you get close enough where the device is told load this texture). I’m not programmer so I’m not sure lol.

I guess the actual water isn’t good enough for people now.

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