About the VA Category

The Virtual Airline Category 

This is the category for all things virtual airline related in Infinite Flight. For this category, you must be Trust Level 2 to post. For more information on trust levels, please see this topic. As with all categories, there are specific requirements for posting:

  • No spamming. Avoid creating many topics to promote your VA multiple times a month.
  • Be civil. Any argument over ownership will not be tolerated.
  • Make sure your VA doesn’t infringe on any intellectual property. Do not use IF logo in a way that would make it look that it is affiliated. Same goes for airline logos.

The Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board

The IFVARB is the governing body for all virtual airlines on Infinite Flight that would like to use the forum as a platform to operate. The IFVARB are backed by the moderators of this forum and have the authority to deny applications for new virtual airlines. If you are looking to create a new virtual airline, you will have to apply to the IFVARB for permission. In addition, the IFVARB are there to give advice and help you through the process of setting up a VA. Key IFVARB threads:

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