About the update

Hi, long time no see!
Just some questions about the new update

  1. Can we change the plane quality?
  2. Can we have more fuel?
  3. For global, so we have regional purchase option?
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  1. Yes, go into setting on the main menu and select graphics, then aircraft quality.
  2. You need to go to the weight and balance for fuel options.
  3. No, If you want to fly globally you need infinite flight Pro! If you don’t you have the remaining regions.

Hope that helps!


There’s no plane quality option.
The previous version has higher quality…

Are you in the middle of a flight? If so you can’t, You must be on the main menu to access the aircraft quality on the graphics page.

In the fuel setting, it seems like you cannot fly longer than 12 mins

What plane are you using?

Can you go over the limit?

There’s no plane quality setting…

What do you mean to go over the limit? Please answer my previous question on what plane you are using, also provide a screenshot if you can?

There’s like specific fuel limit for each plane.

Yes, there will be depending on the plane you are using

Screeshot the setting for me pls. Can’t do mine…
Can you go over the limit?

I’m currently on a flight right now and I can’t access the fuel option, perhaps you could provide a picture of your problem?

My normal route is longer than it provide, what do I do?

If you route is longer and your running out of fuel you will have to divert to another close airport nearby

This isn’t good…
Can I download the previous version?
Don’t really like the update…

How can i announce emergency to atc when i am low fuel?

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Should be in the ATC communication page?

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No you can’t, but you’re not really being clear about what problem you are actually having. It seems as though you’ve started a flight without checking how much fuel you have in the ‘weight and balance’ tab. No aircraft can only carry 12 minutes worth of fuel.



You can’t downgrade, the problem your having is that you can’t select your fuel.