About the Tutorials Category

The Community Tutorials Sub-Category

This is the sub-category for Community Tutorials created by our TL2 members. Its purpose is to provide a great learning resource for our community and to shape the future of our Official Tutorials and User Guide content.

If you are an experienced TL2 member and have a good knowledge of the subject (including the Infinite Flight app and if applicable, real-world procedures), then post it here in #community-tutorials to share it with the community. Post-approval is required so before posting, make sure to:

  • check that no duplicate exists in this sub-category
  • check that it is not already covered in our Official Tutorials and/or the User Guide
  • keep it concise and informative

No Community Tutorials are permitted that are already covered by the User Guide or Official Tutorials (unless it covers the subject in more depth or looks at a very specific area, such as a particular aircraft type). You can check this by visiting our #ground-school Category and the User Guide: