About the ThirdParty category


The #thirdparty category is to better organize all posts related to 3rd party apps that are Infinite Flight related (LiveFlight, In-Flight Assistant, Infinite Passengers, etc…)

The #thirdparty:developer category is now a subcategory of #thirdparty.

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Extremely cool - this will be very helpful, too, for people to discover what third party stuff is out there. Thanks, @philippe and everyone else involved in this!


Thank you . Glad to see this . It makes it so much easier for people to find all the great third party apps! :)


Awesome! Thanks for making the category, will be a lot easier to manage the third party apps - which are quite numerous now :).

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Now we can seperate 3rd Party apps from Airport Editing!


Actually no - what used to be #developer is now a subcategory of #thirdparty, #thirdparty:developer. This is where the airport editing related topics are

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