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  • Note any modifications, ‘rooted, or jailbroken’ custom ROM, or third party apps installed such as screen recorders, etc.

  • Screen shots are welcome.

  • Include briefly steps you’ve taken to troubleshoot without success. Such as ‘restarted and reinstalled app without resolution’

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  • Last known call sign

  • The complete copy of the subscription purchase receipt. Attached or pasted image is fine.

  • One on one support is always welcome. Contact @Mark_Denton or @Tyler_Shelton in a private message with your support needs.

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Hi,can you check it for me?i already paid the payment amount myr17.89 for install INFINITE FLIGHT SIMULATOR.
But why my transaction declined and no refund my money?please check it for me ASAP

Thank You


Don’t post duplicates

Please after lasted update the program not working please do something

Thes not for me only mine friends same my problems


Make a new post with Device details and OS.

I updated the app
After I update it doesn’t let me access to it!

Post that as a new topic in the support category detailing device, operatif system, and other details that could help the IF Devs diagnose your issue

I up grade my Sony Xperia Z1 to android 5.1.1 lollipop and now I can’t get on line.

.Welcome to the forum. Create a new topic with further details in the Support category. Thanks


I have unfortunately discovered that my young son has purchased several games on Google Apps without my knowledge- some of these transactions are your Flying Development Studio LLC.

This was only 1 day ago - please could you refund?


hello: please if possible the landing lights need to be stronger also the strobes for more visibility also please reduce the turbulence flying in and out of san clemente , and please add on the L1011 and the DC10 these planes are still existing thanks…

Hey Milo! Welcome to the forum. This isn’t the place to suggest new features. If I were you, I would go and make a new topic (one feature request per topic) and make sure somebody hasn’t suggested it already by using the search function. :)

how do i set the post that is the solution?

If you are the original poster, then click the icon above the black line.

else you cant right now set a solution for other’s topics. :)

Only Mods can right now

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I can’t set a solution for topics in other categories.