About the Support Category


Welcome to the #support Category.

This is where you will ask any questions if you’re experiencing issues with Infinite Flight. All assistance will be given by your fellow community members. For official support, please contact us by email at support@infiniteflight.com

Please read the following before opening a support topic so you can be properly helped. Remember, the more information the better!

Please include:

  • Device brand, model, and current operating system version. Example: iPad Air 2 iOS10, or Samsung GalaxyA7 Android 5.0

  • Any device modifications such as “rooted” or “jailbroken”, custom ROM, or third party apps installed such as screen recorders.

  • Include brief steps you’ve taken to troubleshoot without success. Example: “restarted and reinstalled app without resolution”

  • Screenshots welcome

If you have a concern regarding your PRO subscription, log in errors, or other technical issues requiring the exchange of personal information such as email, purchase receipts, etc. please contact support at support@infiniteflight.com and @schyllberg will be happy to assist.

When contacting support via email for one of the issues listed above please always include:

  • Display Name (not email)
  • Callsign
  • Device
  • Complete copy of purchase receipt (pasted or screenshot)

It is important to note that #support is community assistance only. Infinite Flight Support Staff will be available 24/7 via support@infiniteflight.com. Do not post personal information in the Support Category on the forum.

Help each other and help us help you!

Please note that feature requests, questions regarding updates, and service solicitations will not be accepted at support@infiniteflight.com.

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