About the "special holiday offer"

"About our special holiday offer: we’ve decided to run a promotion starting Saturday Dec 24th at 00:00 UTC and until Jan 2nd on Live and Live+ purchased from iTunes/Android or Infinite-Flight.com:

  • Get Live and get 7 days for free
  • Get Live+ and get month free!"
    I don’t understand this, what does this mean? What is it? Please let me know, IDK what to think.
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If you purchase normal Live you will get an extra 1 week of live, if you get Live+ you will get an extra month of Live+

Oh ok, I saw some post about they had all planes unlock for 25 minutes, got me wondering.

We did, but when we force quit the app, all was restored back to our normal settings

Could I get it somehow? Howd you do it?

It’s been fixed, I’m pretty sure. I just went into IF and I had all the planes and regions and a Live + membership. I already own so many of the planes, so it wasn’t that big of a deal…

I was going nuts trying to get that to happen ever sence i first read your and lauras posts.

It must be fixed now. Also, it’s not that great to try and get all the IAPs for free. They put time and money into creating them.

That is true, but my dumb mind thought it was apart of the special holiday offer.

Oh ok. No problem then. Many of us thought that as well ;)

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