About the Servers

Hi there everyone I was just wondering if you play expert server do you only then see people flying that is grade 3 and up or do you see grade 2 and 1 aswell flying on expert server ✈

Only grade 3 and up pilots can access the expert server.

If you see a grade 2 pilot flying chances are they may have received violations which bumped them down mid-flight.

Thank you so.much appreciate it just one last question on what server does most people fly on casual or expert.

Really, most people fly on causal as what I know. Hope this helps.

I believe most of the people in this community fly on the Expert Server, hence almost all the events are on Expert Server. I don’t think there is a dominant server though. All of them have traffic. Now for pilot skill, Expert server dominates that category

At the time of this post, the:

Casual Server accounts for 48% of IF traffic.
Training Server accounts for 31% of IF traffic.
Expert Server accounts for 27% of IF traffic.

Not to forgot each server has different limit of players can go on at once.

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