About the Screenshots and Videos Category

The Screenshots and Videos Category

This category is for all the Infinite Flight photos and videos you have taken or made for the Infinite Flight Community to see. The category has various rules you can find below, including a template to go alongside the photos that must be filled in at all times. Failure to do this will result in topics being closed.


  • No more than 10 photos per topic

  • Create one topic per photo group such as event, flight, or spotting session. For general photo groups of misc photos, please do not spam the category and keep them to a reasonable number per day

  • No more than one topic per day

  • This category is open to all forum members to post in

  • You must fill in the template before posting

  • Please only post your best photos, making sure all HUD views, sidebars and display names and boxes are hidden

  • You are allowed to post streams, however, these may only be allowed on the day of the event


Thank you, that’ll hopefully help.

But where’s this template you’re referring to?

Thanks for the guidelines Misha :)

Create a topic and it will show up in the text field


That’s genius.


Let’s say I do a flight from England to France in a 172 then around Mexico in a 787. Two different categories and two different airframes am I only allowed to share one per day then?
I enjoy sharing different flights I wouldn’t like to combine everything into one.


Idk if I’m speaking for majority or a small minority …

But it seems like the screenshots and videos section has been a poor adjustment for the IFC. The quality of screenshots and videos posted has gone way down. I know i at least speak for other va members of several slacks i am a part of when i say that since the change i hardly ever look at screenshot cateory threads now because 19 of 20 look decently poor or are the same thing over and over.

I loved the best of screenshots thread. I looked at it all the time because there was most likely good quality and above in there.

Long story short, i think the screenshot and video category is very reactive than proactive in how to bring photos to the IFC. No offense to Mr Joe Screenshot, but we don’t need to see every shot you’ve taken in threads over and over. What we had was working, and since the change it just seems the quality of the posts has gone way down to the point where it’s not worth looking at threads from the category.

Edit: one final edit to this post, all this change really does is give unwelcoming members of the ifc the opportunity to post more templates replies to individuals as “they” do for help and support threads.


I completely agree with Mwe. The quality of screenshots have gone down tremendously. I can count how many threads I’ve seen today with sidebars and little information about their flight.


No offense to anyone, but ever since this category has come out, I’ve stopped enjoying taking screenshots for IF/IFC. I created an Instagram based around IF mostly so I could share my photos, follow VAs and relevant IF-related accounts, and planespotting accounts.

Ever since this category has been released, I’ve stopped (for the most part) taking screenshots in IF, and stopped uploading photos to my IG.

Before, when we had the Best Infinite Flight Screenshots thread, I could open up the thread, go through and like the photos I liked, and upload any photos I wanted to share. Now, I have to visit every single topic about screenshots (have I mentioned how ANNOYING this is?! There’s like 20 screenshot topics every time I open IFC!), and if I want to create a topic, now I have to follow a pre-set format which I don’t personally enjoy. I have to include a paragraph of information if I want to upload a photo, which makes it a waste of time to upload a photo, and inconvenient.

Oh, and only one topic per day now? Unfortunate.

I haven’t liked the #screenshots-and-videos category since it came out, and I like it even less now. I agree with @mwe2187 about the quality, as well - it’s honestly not that good, which is disappointing.

Best regards.


I agree with you at most points.

The old thread had the main advantage that it was like 9GAG. You were just able to scroll through all the great pictures. Now you have to open them thread by thread and the quality is terrible most of the time.

I hope the quality changes now thanks to the new rules. However to ensure that, topics that don’t follow them not only have to be closed but they need also to be unlisted otherwise they’re still there.

The main problem however stays: It’s no longer possible to just scroll through all the great screenshots and that’s a shame really. I notice it myself. I used to scroll through the pictures all the time. Now I hardly visit the new category.

Maybe we’ll see an improvement at some point. A lot of fun went down the drain with the introduction of the new category.

As stated, I welcome the new rules because they will ensure a better quality but it’s still not what it used to be.

//edit: Just as an addition I want to agree with @MrMrMan as well with something: I see the point of the need to add context in the new screenshot category. An own topic needs context. And in this category, each picture is an own topic.

However, sometimes I just want to look at and enjoy the pictures. I don’t need context for that. I don’t need to know the story. It just has to be a good picture. Same with some shots I want to post. It’s not about the context. It’s about the shot. That’s what I want to share. Not its background or where it was taken, … And that’s what was possible in the old thread.


You know, I think there’s a saying somewhere…

“A picture speaks 1000 words.”

We don’t need a whole paragraph explaining the photo if we’re looking right at it.


I respect Misha for trying to bring a change for good to the community. The Screenshots category is just one of those that the community is not ready for it.

When you look at the screenshots category, people hardly put effort in the pictures they upload, rather than when we had the Best IF threads. Personally I always enjoyed going to that thread and seeing everyone’s photos. Now most of the threads are just “regulars” telling the OP how to fix their post rather than showing appreciation to the picture. (No offense to anyone).

Now with this new requirements it’s gonma be even harder to post, and the problem of “correcting” others are gonna increase rather than show appreciation to the photos as said before. To be honest, if you look at this category, 80% of the posts get ignored or are just people telling “Please don’t upload more than 10 photos”, in the old thread at least there was an opportunity for everyone to see your picture.

PD: I agree 100% with all the points posted above. Hope a change can be made… and hope to get a respectful response…


From someone who used to post a lot in that topic, I enjoyed being able to post an awesome picture in a thread with many other awesome photos. With the threads, I feel like you are putting a couple of pictures out into the community that will get attention for about 3 minutes before joining the rest of the threads in the graveyard. With that one moderator backed topic, those photos would last till eternity for all to enjoy. Maybe just me though… If we can’t get rid of that category, then I respect the changes trying to be made to it to make it more professional and neat… But if we can get rid of that category and go back to the old ways - You got my vote.



Amendment (as of 20/11/2019)

  • You are allowed to post streams, however, these may only be allowed on the day of the stream