About the Screenshots and Videos Category

About the Screenshots and Videos Category

Please use this category to show photos and videos you have taken or created from the Infinite Flight simulator. Please ensure that you follow the general forum guidelines before posting. They can be found here. As with all categories, there are some specific requirements for posting in this category.

  1. Create one topic per photo group such as event, flight, or spotting session. For general photo groups of misc photos, please do not spam the category and keep them to a reasonable number per day.
  2. Give as much detail about the shots as possible. This can be background to the aircraft, information about the location or any other related material such as the flight you took part in
  3. Only post pictures you took yourself
  4. Please do not post requesting Infinite Flight spotting topics or specific photos of aircraft
  5. 10 pictures maximum per topic or one video per topic

Photo Quality

We ask that the quality of the photos posted are of an adequate standard. There is not a set requirement for this, however, there are a few things that we recommend taking into consideration:

  • How much of the aircraft can you see?
  • Can you see the livery?
  • How pixelated is your photo if you are zoomed in a long way?
  • Is there any way to add to the post to enhance the topic if your photos are not the best quality?

We allow for topics to have links and promotions to social media channels for photos. Please make sure these are your own and that this is not the main focus of the topic.

Photo or video threads such as ‘best Infinite Flight photos’ threads are no longer permitted. This category has taken their place.


How to put videos? The attachment button doesn’t accept videos.

Right?!.. it did the same with me

You should upload your video to Youtube and then put its link.
You can check my first video:

Ahhhh! I see said the blind man! Lol

Awesome landing man!

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