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The Screenshots and Videos Category

This category is for all the Infinite Flight photos and videos you have taken or made for the Infinite Flight Community to see. The category has various rules you can find below, including a template to go alongside the photos that must be filled in at all times. Failure to do this will result in topics being closed.


  • No more than 10 photos per topic

  • Create one topic per photo group such as an event, flight, or spotting session

  • No more than one topic per day

  • This category is open to all forum members to post in

  • You must fill in the template before posting

  • Please only post your best photos, making sure all HUD views, sidebars and display names and boxes are hidden

  • Photoshops that include any feature not in the simulator already are not permitted. This includes aircraft and liveries

  • You are allowed to post streams, however, these may only be allowed on the day of the event

  • Videos must be of thoughtful content. ‘Meme videos’ are not permitted

Updated February 2020 - No photoshops or edits that introduce new features are permitted

What does this mean?

  • No additional features can be introduced into a shot. This includes, but is not limited to, rain, snow, non-IF aircraft, or liveries
  • You are permitted to change aspects of a shot such as saturation, hue and brightness, as examples
  • You can photoshop things that are already in the simulator, such as adding aircraft to the background of an image
Screenshots and Video Category - New Photoshop Rules
Wingflex on the B777-200ER! (#DontGetFooled)
747 to space
Rainy FNF Landing @Moscow
Air Asia: Now Everyone can Fly!
Infinite Flight Ground Vehicles Confirmed
'Around The World' in New Zealand | Air India Virtual | Picture Book
ATL - BDL Delta 737-900er
My Flight Today
Infinite flight Photoshop where can I post these without breaking the rules pls
Sunrise departure from Melbourne
Istanbul to Atlanta
Boeing 777-300ER Liveries!
Casual Server Test flight
Infinite flight community #screenshots and videos tutorial
Black & White
KLAX - KJFK in Delta 777-200ER
I found shane randomly in seattle
My best 10 photos from Infinite flight so far
737 cockpit and flight photos
Marc being escorted
Norwegian 787 (Rednose 7013 Heavy)
Spain to Germany
Flying to Orlando with the boys
Screenshot Over Swiss Alps
SAS A330, Do you like SAS?
From the calmness of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood to the buzz of Orlando || American Airlines Style
United 747 at LAX
United 747 at LAX
This doesn’t even look like Infinite Flight!
I finally made it into grade 2!
ORD-SFO, Alaska A320
Some pics I made vol. 4
Military madness
Kuwait International at a very busy day!
IFAE-GAF FNF Event/formation flight
Great landing!
Wow Air touches down in Boston
Ifatc route
What livery’s that are not in the game would look like
Calm Carbon! | A350-900 at Boston (KBOS) | Simple, Beautiful Pattern
Correct ATC/PILOTS on the DREADFUL Training Server
Flight to st Maarten
Ksfo-koak dhl c208
The baby competitors
GEC-8187 Atlantic Ocean
Friday night flight!
F-16 Escort flight
A flight from Central American Mountains to Mexican Beaches
South Africa🇿🇦
Screenshots #4
LEMG - EKCH Norwegian FNF
How NY, Miami and Seattle could look like at night
My All time Best Photos
Europe Screenshots
Just enjoying the flight
From the Beautiful Outback of Australia to the Modern City of Tokyo
Spooky Training Flight
777-200er jal
a tiring flight
Infinite flight looks awesome with clouds :-O
My flight from Athens to Tel Aviv
Lufthansa A380-800 in solo :)
Cessna 172 Flipped Over
Malaysia airlines (Klax - Ksfo) Sunrise landing
I was the FIRST PERSON to
Engine shot!
Closed the topic
EasyJet A319 | Hard Crosswind a Charles De Gaulle!
Non publish Screen shot ! Part.1
My last 747 KLM flight
Sunset flight
Touchdown YSSY
Sydney morning
A busy hours in Dubai
KLAX-LFPG Last Night
Beautiful Flight from KLAX to KDEN B773
Near misses off Malaysian Airspace
VIDEO | Working EFB screen on A350 of Infinite Flight!
Oh hey, I just woke up!
All airbus aircraft on Infinite flight
Flight from FACT to EGLL (Casual Server)
Hannover - La Gomera via Frankfurt
KSFO Parallel Landing
My First Flight more than 5 hour
Turkish Airlines A321 to IST
Nice(LFMN) to London(EGLL) Screenshots
Unite for yam dreaming event flight
Aerial Spotting From the SR22
FedEx MD11 Flight
Are the length of flights from one destination to another real time?
Landing of British Airways at EGLL from VOHS 9hrs 15mins Journey
Picture Of The Day Delta Airlines And One Of Your Submissions! (MAY 29 2020)
1,000th Flight Water Cannon Salute
Switzerland to England Afternoon Flight
My Indian Adventure (part 3) VIDP-VOBL
My first time to Cape Town
Welcome to Oslo!
Coastal Mountains of Southern Myanmar
Evelope Airlines Moonshot
Rotation ELLX - LIMC / 19MAY2020
Air canida crj 200
Air canida crj 200
Air canida crj 200
New lighting graphics visualized
M to M | Macau to Manila
F-14 Formation Flight
A flight from LFPG(Paris Charles de Gaulle) to LIRQ(Florence Vespucci)
HAAB on expert
Screenshots and Video Category - New Photoshop Rules
Casually chilling at 100km in the atmosphere
Air Asia Morning shot during touchdown in Singapore!
First Flight With CRJ-1000 GA
Saudi 787-900 Sunrise flight from Riyadh landing at king abdulaziz international airport at FNF The Arabian Desert
A group of players in my group
A group of players in my group
Long Haul to Chile
OTHH - YSSY / A380 (Qatar Airways)
American Eagle Soaring From Texas to Colorado
South America picture
Copyright and YT
Approach to Vancouver
From Scandinavian to South East Asia.Singapore 9889 Heavy
From Scandinavian to South East Asia.Singapore 9889 Heavy
First Ultra Flight Screen
BEST Photos you have taken in 20.1| #2
Points Of View #1 - Îles-de-la-Madeleine to Gaspé
Passenger Journey Highlights
Formation Flying
Ana Airway/Sydney Australia to Bangkok Asia
2 really glitched screenshots
Moon Shot in Berlin
Andes mountain range 🇨🇱
Amateur moon shot
Morning With Old American
First Ever Screenshots!
Probably the funniest thing that has ever happened to me on IF
Nordwind B772-ER UUEE - URFF
Post Deleted
Post Deleted
Finnair and Jetblue Photos of today
Qantas 747
Post Deleted
Evening flight @LSZH
Great View of One of my FAVORITE Airports
Captain No Gear YT Infinite Flight Funny Moments Part 4!
TBM flip (well kind of)
WorldTour Day 1 Complete
When I see someone popular in Infinite Flight
San Francisco To Guam Via Honolulu
Long cross country flight with C172!
Private Boeing-737
Alaska Airlines 737-900 (More to Love)
Flying with Gordon Pt. 3
A Hop Across California into Arizona/ American Airlines A320-200
Heathrow to New York | B777-200 | British Airways
Making a Thread
Off to Columbia!
Helsinki to New York | A350-900 | Finnair
Aerial Photography @LMML
RPLL-KMIA Group flight
Jorge Chavez to Alejandro Velasco Astete || Airbus A320-200 || LATAM
10 best pictures from this month so far
Perfect timing
Air Canada Crj-900 CYKA-CYVR
F-22 is the new space shuttle
(almost disaster) Miami to Tegucigalpa in a 737
A350s in Milan!
Yellow banana pics over the Caribbean’s!
What are the rules on promoting?
Rainy in FNF 👀
Glizzy Aircraft?
Ariel refueling and escorting | Over the English Channel | KC-10's and F-16's
Uuee - lppt
My first long haul flight completed!
Cool Parallel takeoff/landing
Cool Parallel takeoff/landing
Anybody want to join my next stream?
Scramble and Intercept!
New series! C172 around the world!
Flying to CYUL from KCLT in A321 Air Canada
Florida hops and xcub formations with NKVA peeps
So relaxing
Barcelona Dubai
Barcelona Dubai
747-400 Sunrise landing
Flight with a Friend/ Andres_Camargo=me, and Canadian_Aviator
Flight with a Friend/ Andres_Camargo=me, and Canadian_Aviator
Photos of my Iberian overnight from Costa Rica
A320 group photo
Taipei to Denpasar, A Flight between two islands
Departing from WIII with A320
Katl - lppt (a350-900)
2 very nice liveries on 2 very nice flights!
Flash flight!
LTBA-EGLL | B777F Turkish Cargo |
Challenge the longest flight by 767
Challenge the longest flight by 767
EGLL A319 takeoff shot
Cathay Dragon Tribute flight || VHHH-VHHH
Another Sunset
Another Sunset
Southwest during Sunset | PWM-BWI | B737-700
Recreating IF screenshot taken
A trip to space
When someone confuses a real simulator (Infinite Flight) with a childish game particularly in Expert Server
777W rework nice pic mid-flight (Doha- New York)
20.2 Beta New Fog
My new pics of the 777
Just flying around
Reworked 77W open beta
Emirates 777-300er