About the "Resume features"

Is it possible to change the device if using resume feature?.
Why don’t I try it myself?. I forgot to get the new update and I already started my 15 hours flight :).

I’m pretty sure if your account is on the separate device you can

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I’m not sure about that. From what I understand, the flight data required for the Flight Resume feature is stored locally on your device.

What new update are you referring to? The hotfix which was pushed to fix some glitches in 14.1?

I haven’t updated to 24.1 and I’m still on 23.1.1 I don’t know how it allow me to fly.

You can’t use Flight Resume if you don’t have 24.1 :)

Yeah I know that. I’m asking to know if its possble to use multiple devices with this feature.

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At this time - you can’t start a flight on one device, end it - then resume it on another device. Flights are stored locally to the device.