About the problem of archiving account accounts

How do you do, sir? I was a flight enthusiasts in China for the first few months. I subscribed to pro service to play level three, but now I have no archive. I am very upset. I want to ask why, my game data can not be restored,Please reply as soon as possible. Thank you.

Contact @schyllberg and he should be able to help👍

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I just resubscribed but the subscription was applied to an account i do not recognize?

If you just purchased a new subscription but it ended up on an account you do not recognize (usually named “User-####”, #=digits), we can help you transfer it to the correct one.
Please let us know the display name and callsign for both the new account as well as the one you wish to use, and we can then transfer the subscription to the correct account. Please contact us via e-mail at support@infiniteflight.com for assistance with this.

Or take a look at the #support FAQ. I found an FAQ related to your issue.

thanks,But he responded too slowly.

He’ll be awake in a few hours. He can transfer your subscription once he sees this topic. He may ask you for some other information but for now the screenshots you provided should be fine.

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