About the Open Beta category

Infinite Flight is using an Open Beta program for version 20.2. All details are available in this blog article so please read it in its entirety before asking questions or signing up.

Why should you use this category?

Only people who choose to participate in the Open Beta should use this category. If you are not participating, please do not create a topic or post a reply (you should also save your likes since they will have no impact on the program, but that’s up to you).

This category is different from all other categories as its exclusive intended use is for the Open Beta program.

Here is what we need from Open Beta participants

  • Use Infinite Flight as you would normally.

Report issues related to the following:

  • Focus on issues with using the new features of the app (logging in, connecting your forum account, etc).

DO NOT report issues related to the following:

  • Aircraft-related issues

How to report an issue

  • Create a topic in this cateogry with the following info:
    – Device and OS version (i.e. iPad 8th Gen, iOS 14)
    – Your callsign (try to avoid changing it so we can look you up)
    – If your account is linked with the IFC
    – The exact steps you took to make the issue happen again
    – What the expected results are

More rules

  • PLEASE SEARCH THE CATEGORY for your issue (or a similar one) before posting to avoid duplicates.
  • We have a template for most of this that shows up automatically when you create a topic. Please use it.
  • We will close issues that won’t be fixed due to development constraints on our end, or if they are duplicates, or they do not have enough information for our developers to act on. Developers and staff will not be commenting on every topic. Please do not post duplicates if you feel you haven’t been heard. We don’t have the resources to address everything.
  • Do not post general feedback or feature requests. The release is almost final and we are looking for last-minute show stoppers and stress testing our backend servers.
  • Keep threads on-topic. Our developers may interact at times to get more information or post instructions, and they are reading through lots of posts.
  • Do not under any circumstances send a direct message to staff without being asked to by them.

Moderators and staff will close and unlist topics that do not follow the rules and instructions above. We’re always looking for helpful closed beta testers (which is invite-only) and often not reporting something (eg because it has already been noted or doesn’t conform to the criteria) is just as important as reporting something.

Thanks for reading this all the way through and happy testing!


Hello folks,

We hope you are enjoying beta, just a quick additional rule/request for you guys.

If a few other people have already commented on an issue saying that can repo or can’t repo on the current beta build, then please avoid sending an additional message to the topic. Only 2 or 3 comments are needed to confirm/close an issue.

This is to ensure topics are kept to the point and are easy to navigate.

Happy testing!


Hope everyone is enjoying the 20.2 open beta program so far. Just a few housekeeping items to keep things smooth and clean for our developers, staff and moderators.


The title for your topic is equally as important as the issue itself. It helps give us insight as to what you’re experiencing without reading the whole topic right away. Keep the title, specific to your issue.

Please continue to report issues where you’ve been having crashes, errors or other issues that may come up when trying to log into your account. As a friendly reminder, please do not report issues with liveries, lights, engine appearances, cockpit windows, and the laundry list of other fun items that we love to find. Numerous topics have had to be closed due to folks not reading through the documentation that staff have prepared.


Additionally, when creating a topic, please make sure you fill out all parts of the template. This is crucial that you are filling this information out to help expedite the process of an issue. Without this information, developers are unable to fully understand and address the issue you’re encountering. If you don’t know where to find some of the information that the template is asking you, simply find someone who has successfully created an open beta topic and ask them in a private message.

We all appreciate the participation that everyone has offered. It truly means a lot to Infinite Flight and your role in helping them out iron out these issues before an official launch is greatly appreciated.