About the new schedule for the IF

Hi, I want to clear a question with the community ADMs: since you are doing or have got a schedule to improve the Infinite Flight, are you going to rework the entire scenario or are you going to leave it the same?

PLEASE NOTE: Please don’t get me wrong, I’m just asking a question!

Hey Patrick,

There are a lot of things planned - but sometimes a bit of suspense can be nice 😉. To keep an eye on what’s coming, check out the development timeline as well as our official social media platforms. What I can tell you is that the A220 is on its way, along with many other cool things that you’ll learn about in due course.


Oh yes! I liked it, it’s a pity that at the moment I can’t activate my live due to financial problems. But soon I will be renewing

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Hope to see you flying in the skies again soon