About the name of VA

If a person uses the name of VA without the CEO’s consent, is it allowed? What if someone uses it?

Do you mean in callsigns?

Not a call sign, it is the name of VA

Your question isn’t particularly clear, and could mean multiple things so I’ll clarify each one.

1: If you are referring to saying the name of the VA in a post, as a passing reference, it is perfectly allowed.

2: If you try to speak for the VA, when you are in no position to do so, it may cause issues.

3: If you want to use the callsign “Delta ####” for a flight, it is perfectly fine and does not relate to the actual Delta VA.

4: If you want to use a virtual airlines callsign for a flight, then issues may occur.


Okay thank you

I don’t think it’s ok by any means and I feel this should be in the VA catagory

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