About the name of approach and departure in Tokyo area

Hello developer, this time I will give you a feedback about the name of approach and departure.
Before the update, the names of rjtt and rjaa’s approach and departure were: Tokyo approach and Tokyo Departure.
But this update turned into Narita approach and Narita departure.
I went to check that the approaching and leaving names of AIS Japan, rjtt and rjaa are always Tokyo approach and Tokyo departure. I hope they can be corrected as soon as possible. Thank you.


Hello there,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. One of our supervisors checked and confirmed there are no issues, at least in the Airport Editing Team’s side.

Bruno, IFAET Manager

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Nothing changed to both Airports for last 11 months in IFAET repository. If the issue is new, it is not on IFAET side.

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