About the livery on the B777-200ERs

Hello everyone!

I noticed that a lot of livery added on the new B777-200ER are “old”, let me explain:

Here’s an example:

The KLM livery present on the B777-200ER in IF is the old one, logically it should be the new one no?

Same for others: Alitalia, United.

Just a curious question that I had to ask, I think there is a logical answer to that just I would like to know lol

  • The old KLM livery :

  • The new KLM livery:



It’s usually up to the developers choice whether they want to add a certain livery or not. Of course though, they do look at feature requests on the community.

So no, both don’t have to be added. :)

Good point - a developer might be able to comment better on it. This was likely because those liveries existed on the 777 before the rework, and the devs decided to keep the old livery as opposed to adding the new one. Either way they were likely to get it pointed out :) Either people would want the old ones to stay, or want the newest added in.

I think Jason said at one point that liveries are intensive for the simulator. Adding in thousands of additional liveries may (?) become problematic, so the developers need to be judicious in what they add.

To be clear, since the model was reworked the liveries also needed to be redone regardless of whether they were already in Infinite Flight or not. This was likely just a choice of continuity after the rework

I can understand that wanting to keep the old livery is important but I don’t really see the idea of developers looking at the old livery to the detriment of the new livery.

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It might be that the 200ER is only available in the old livery cuz the photo you put of the new livery looks like a 300ER

I looked and the new livery exists on the B777-200ER


Hmmm I don’t know why they did that

It would be cool if a moderator could give us an answer.

I have also noticed this to i was always wondering why some liveries on the planes are old ones and if you look on the Thai livery or any livery on the 777-200ER its like the livery are sliding outward or like their cut off in a line like their glitched


We basically moved the liveries over, that’s how simple the answer is.
What we had on the pre-reworked 772, was moved over to the reworked one in most cases (exceptions exist)


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