About The Group Flights Category

To start a successful group flight, you will need to use the category correctly 😀

  1. Add route in title (Keep It Short) Example: @KSFO000000JAN1

  2. Aircraft+Livery * Delta Airlines 777-900ER:

  3. Your route * KSFO-PHNL:

  4. Time of departure+Date of departure 2019-12-31T20:00:00Z

  5. Your Server* Expert:

Additional info.* Additional info goes here:

Please notice this topic is NOT for people to reply to, but for people to learn how to use the Group Flights Category!

I hope this helped you with starting a group flight!!! 🙂

This was already made so please refrain from posting this.

I apologize, I searched it but it didn’t pop up!

Well it’s pinned at the top of the #live:groupflights category.

I also created a guide below I flagged this topic for closure.

This is a great guide. It’s really informative.

But it looks like its been copied and pasted from somewhere 🤔


It’s pinned in the category. And you’ve copied the template…