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This is the group flights category. This category is used to post your group flight topics. Please read carefully as there are differences between events and group flights. Group flight topics must be formatted as followed:



  • Flight Title : The summary of your flight. Keep it short!
  • ICAO : The 4-letter airport code the flight’s significant location. (e.g. KDEN)
  • DD : Day of the month (e.g. 18th of June = 18)
  • HHMM : Time of your flight in Zulu time (e.g. 1pm CST (UTC -6) = 1900)
  • Z : Simply the letter ‘Z’ to indicate the time is in Zulu time
  • MON : 3-letter abbreviation for the month of your flight (e.g. January = JAN)
  • YY : Last 2 digits of the year of your flight (e.g. 2015 = 15)

Please ensure you double check your time conversion to Zulu time!


Example: SAS Retro A319 @ EGLL - 041830ZMAR18

  • Time in the title must always be in Zulu time. You are free to include times for the popular timezones in the content of your post. (Click here to convert to and from Zulu time). Remember that events will be converted to any user’s local timezone when they see the event displayed on Infinite Flight’s home menu!
  • Once the flight ends, please edit your topic title and add “[Closed]” to the front of the title:
    Blue Angels @ KSFO - 030900ZAUG18
    [Closed] Blue Angels @ KSFO - 030900ZAUG18


The time of the group flight thread must be in Zulu time as with events. They must contain the basic information of the flight, formatted as so:

  • Aircraft and Livery: xxx
  • Route: xxx
  • Time of Departure: xxx
  • Server: xxx

There is a template you can use for this when creating a topic. Please add any other information in a separate section or within the text. This is because we want these topics to be an easy quick reference for members.

  • Aircraft and Livery: A319
  • Route: LTBA - EGLL
  • Time of Departure: 1800Z
  • Server: Expert

Event Thread or Group Flight Thread?

To keep it clear and remove as much confusion as to the differences between these, we have placed some restrictions on group flight topics. A group flight topic must adhere to the following rules:

  • Take place within 3 hours of being posted
  • Not affiliated with a VA or VO
  • No assigning of gates or pilot slots

All other flights will be considered as events. Please keep them to the #live:events category. These events are still reserved for TL2 members. All members can post group flights.

Full Group Flight Topic Example

SAS Retro A319 @ EGLL - 041830ZMAR18

  • Aircraft and Livery: A319
  • Route: LTBA - EGLL
  • Time of Departure: 1800Z
  • Server: Expert

Join me flying from Istanbul to London! The flight is around 4.5 hours. We will depart from runway 35L, using the JSON3A departure. From there we head north west through central Europe, arriving in to Heathrow from the west for an ILS approach into runway 27R. The flight plan is as followed:


I look forward to you all joining me!

KMSP to KDEN (Minneapolis to denver)
EHAM to EGLL group flight
Let’s go skiing @ LOWI - 151730ZDEC18
The amazing flight @KDAL 171900zDEC18.
LA to SeaTac sunset flight @ KLAX 162230Z FEB
London to Dublin @EGLL0601300ZAUG19
Denver International Fly-out event! KDEN
KMSP to KDEN (Minneapolis to denver)
Military group flight
Military Flight @ KLAX - 140830ZDEC2018
ISO a group to fly with.
EGNV Fill up
Fly with me
Beirut to Athens
EGLL-WSSS long haul
Hong Kong - Hanoi @VHHH 231700ZDEC18
Aer Lingus EGLL-EIDW Group Flight - 022355AUG19
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Long haul flight ?
Atlanta Fly-Out @ KATL - 292345ZAPR20
LAX TO KSEA flight Alaska Airlines Delta Airline and United
Is it any way to get an airport popular?
Short notice: would anyone like to do a formation flight?
Aerial Refueling Practice
A Quick Journey at Eastern Indonesia @ WAJJ - 082320ZNOV19
Operation Gaurd the President @ KDOV - 010200ZMAY20
A Quick Journey at Eastern Indonesia @ WAJJ - 082320ZNOV19
What's happening on top of California?
Can anyone do a flyout
Want to join a aviation group on infinite flight.
Around the world.
Who wants to do some professional formation flying?
Group flight
Christmas Tree Formation @KSEA231500ZDEC19
Medium Hual
[CANCELLED] Happy Birthday Ryanair! 35 Years Dublin GroupFlight @EGLL - 281500ZNOV19
World tour leg 11
Thunderbirds formation flight at Andrews AFB
[More Blue angels needed] Blue angels @ KPNS - 302000ZAPR20
A formation flight from KRIC to KJFK @KRIC 191720NOV19
Around The World Tour - Last Country Group Flight!
Looking for a flight —— Flying in 10
Group flights
Thomas Cook farewell tour @ EGKK 281700ZSEP19 [Sponsored by TCVA]
JFK-SDY: Step up you XP game TODAY!
Southern California 83rd NAVY Patrol.
PilotKoki’s Event Thread // Fighters Unite @EGLL (CLOSED)
Recruiting for airshow. Starting practice tonight probably between 9 and 10 pm est
Group flights
KLAX-KSFO group flight! @ KLAX - 071900ZMAY20
Jfk flyout! @ KJFK - 262200ZAPR20
Somone join?
Sim flight to Sydney Kingsford over Thanksgiving break @KJFK - 262000ZNOV19
[CLOSED DUE TO NO PARTICIPATION] Southwest Airlines New Years Flight @KMEM-310100ZDEC18
[Finished]VAP - IFLA (Sponsored by IFLA) @ KFLL - 262100ZSEP19
What flight will you be doing later?
Omaha Flyout Event 131828ZJAN19
Group flight
Flight from FAOR (Johannesburg) to OMDB (Dubai)
First Leg of OneWorld Around the World! @ KAUS - 231930ZDEC19
Escort me into KEWR
Flying Friend
KJFK - EIDW @KJFK-260015ZDEC19 (Cessna Citation)
Kmia to klax a350 flight
Kmia to klax a350 flight
Southwest Gather ‘Round @ KDAL - 051845ZJAN19
Weather In Colorado
Cathay Pacific Group Flight 261600ZAPR20
Icelandair fly in
Come Fly With Us LAX Terminal 5: APR20
Australia Day Fly Out - Qantas, Jetstar and British airways and Singapore Airlines
Anyone up to escort?
Melbourne to Sydney short hop [LIVE STREAMING] [SPAWN IN]@YMML @131315ZOCT19
Group Flight - Australia (YSSY - WSSS)
Live group flight
This Afternoon Flight - To Your Choice of Destination
Southwest Airlines Tribute
El Salvador to Peru @ MSLP 241800ZAPR20
Going in style
Virtual Airline
[DEPARTED] 2020 1st FNF of the new decade @ EGLL - 030445ZJAN20
Anyone wanna do a group flight
Air Force Group Flight @KMDA-022400ZFEB19
The Great British Fly-out! @EGLL 121500ZJAN19
Flight tribute for Kobe Bryant?
My First Group Flight
Looking for someone to fly
Short hop! @ EGLL - 0530ZAPR20
KLM group flight
Frankfurt to Chicago! @EDDF 041220ZAPR20
Come fly at KPWM RIGHT NOW
Charleston, WV Fly-Out [KCRW] Feb. 15, 2020 @2200Z
Charleston, WV Fly-Out [KCRW] Feb. 15, 2020 @2200Z
Flight 8 Hrs
KDFW Flyout @ KDFW - 121545ZFEB19 (PLEASE JOIN)
Anyone want to do a flight?
KTPA Fly-Out to KATL
Group Flight KLAX-KSFO 5:00 PM US EST Feb. 14 2019
[SHORT NOTICE] Hamad-Adelaide A350 Fun - 120000ZMAR12
London to Los Angeles @ EGLL - 311045ZMAR19
VTBS-RJTT Flight @ VTBS - 121745ZMAR20
AF1 Flight
Flight (Landed)
Anyone wanna flight ? EGLL-YPPH
Beach Trip @S16 - 041630ZAPR19
To Sydney@WSSS-141600ZMAR20
Tropical 305 Fly-In to KMIA 291400ZFEB20
Tropical 305 Fly-In to KMIA 291400ZFEB20
(Complete and Departed) Photoshoot @ EIDW 220355ZAPR20
Evening flight
[open] american airlines a320 fill up@ kdca! 2/24/2020
[Landed!] Night Flight to Gatwick @ EPWA - 030020ZAPR19
Group flight
[Now] From Europe to New Zealand @EDDF182200ZFEB20
Madrid Barajas to Barcelona El Prat
Madrid Barajas to Barcelona El Prat
Auckland to Abu Dhabi
group flights?
Anyone want to fly with me now?
Update: Event is cancelled. @LFTM 111615ZAPR20
Group meet up
Formation flight
Right now flying
TNCM-KMIA quick flight
TNCM-KMIA quick flight
American Freight World @ KCAE 291600ZMAR19
Question about group flights
F-22 formation flight! @OMFJ 190800ZMAR20
13hour Group Flight @RKSI to KATL 0500ZMAR20
[SORRY FOR SHORT NOTICE] Ottawa To St John's Hop Group Flight
[SORRY FOR SHORT NOTICE] Ottawa To St John's Hop Group Flight
[NEW] Ottawa To St. John's
ethiopian crash
ethiopian crash
Group-Flight Event - @RJBB - 030000ZAPR20
Cross The Pond
A fail to Success Qantas 32 - @WSSS - 261700ZAPR20
A Long One 16+ hours @ VOBL - 290200ZFEB20
Flight from LOWS to LOWZ
Group Flights
Toronto flight CYYZ 020700ZMAR20
Big trip Cessna France/USA from Nice
Formation flying anyone want to join right now?
[CANCELED] F16s and DC10F Airforce formation and refueling 100930JAN19
Rank for Group Flights / Events
(Cancelled) Flying Lufthansa to Cape Town @ EDDF - 132000ZJAN19
Training server fun live event at Los Angeles
Training server fun live event at Los Angeles
Flybe tribute flight?
Flying in Antarctica
Anyone up for SFO-LAX?
Group flight, come and join
Saturday night event
Lax to Hawaii
London - Sydney
Island Hopper Across Hawaii @ PHOG - 260215ZAPR20
Hit the West Coast :)@ KJFK - 262200ZAPR20
SAA Tribute
Let’s Head to LA COUNTY @KJFK 262200ZAPR20
West Coast flight @ KMIA 270ZAPR20
Arabian night flight
Charlotte To Saint Thomas US Virgin islands
EGLL-SAEZ tomorrow!
EasyJet Formation Flight @ KSPG - 050000ZMAY20
Looking for People to Remake the COVID - 19 Blueangels and thunder birds salute
A Calm Morning in the Salt Lake Valley to a Cold Afternoon in High-Altitude Aspen - @KSLC 031700ZMAY20
KSFO-WSSS Group Flight @KSFO 062300ZAPR20
A Guide To Creating Group Flights
Over to Sáo Paulo on the A350 @EDDM 122130ZMAR12
C-17 Group Flight @ KLAX 270100ZMAY28
(DEPARTED)ST Helena Island Group Flight @FYWB 042300ZAPR20
Is there a specific time when I should host fly outs?
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Flight Event @NZAA 032200ZAPR20
Military Flight @ KLAX - 140830ZDEC2018
FNF Saudia @KLAX - 072030ZMAY20
MYNN - KMIA Anyone?
Looking for 2-3 people to do flights with
Formation flight on 26.12.2018, A-10 Thunderbolt
[30 MINUTES LEFT] KLAX [Los Angeles] to LEMD [Madrid] @KLAX - 101840ZMAY20 A Tribute to Cargo Services During COVID-19
Thursday night flyout @KIAH-272300ZDEC18.
To Dubai! @ EGLL - 101600ZMAY20
Looking for 2-3 people to do flights with
LAX to San Francisco group flight
GroupFlight to SFO! @OMDB- 282130ZMAR20
Innsbruck Photoshoot - @LOWI - 300900ZDEC18
[ARRIVIED/AT GATE] Connecting Germany to Canada! @EDDF - 260830ZMAR20
EGLL to KLAX @ EGLL - 280400ZMAR20
Pittsburgh Group Flight @KPIT-2871900ZMAR20 [Cancelled]
HUGE ORLANDO FLYOUT[This is my first event plz tell me what I did wrong and how to fix it] 192100ZOCT12
Let’s fly south
KMCO-KCVG HUGE FLIGHT. This is my first event please tell me how I did! Thanks!!! @ KMCO - 122100ZOCT19
Who wanna do a flight
Would Anyone Like To Fly With Me On Infinite Flight
American Airlines Fly Out of KLAX!!
F-22 formation flight! @OMFJ 190800ZMAR20
Can you fly with me? @ YSSY - 152245ZMAR20
Fly Out San Diego To Orlando
[Closed]Group flight @ KLAS - 220000ZAUG22
Can you fly with me? @ YSSY - 152245ZMAR20
Air Force 1 Escorts needed now
KPDX to KSEA group flight!
JFK fighter formation flight anyone?
QUICK GROUP FLIGHT {Starts in 10 minutes}
Air Force one KDCA-KXTA 8pm east training
Air Force one KDCA-KXTA 8pm east training
Looking for a group of IF pilots to fly with!
Anyone want to do proper Air Force one flight?
Aeroflot Flight Group (MP)
New Zealand Group Flight @ NZAA - 200000ZJUL19
CVYR Flight - @CVYR - 181800ZJUN19
Egll (NOW) Formation flight for "hundred" (closed)
Hou fly out
Hou fly out
President visit to Uk
Can someone help me?
Long Haul Holiday Hop [Breathtaking Scenery] [TOMORROW] @ MMUN - 232000ZJUL19
KSAN-KMCO Group Flight?
A flight from „Frankfurt (EDDF) to Zagreb (LDZA)“
Flight of 2,3,4
Short Haul Mediterranean Event Series | Palermo FlyIn @Madrid-3110ZJUL3
Need Wingman
Creating an event
Does anyone want to fly xcub in formation
EGNT to alicantie
Memphis to Atlanta group flight!
Boston Logan fly out
Flight together
Group Flight - Australia (YSSY - WSSS)
Group Flight - Australia (YSSY - WSSS)
Staying home from school today, anybody up for a little flight? @ KLAX - 142300ZJAN20
The Bahamas group flight
Flight group event @ VHHH-281836ZDEC19
Flying fun @ EGLL - 281330ZDEC19
Flying fun @ EGLL - 281330ZDEC19
Overnight Ocean Hop @ KATL - 240300ZDEC19
Group Flight From NZAA To NZWN! @ NZAA - 242300ZDEC19
Around The World Tour - Last Leg Flight! @ ZBHH to ZMUB - 230200ZDEC19
A flight along the California coast @ KLAX 192150ZNOV19
Professional formation flying out of KCHS @ KCHS 190200ZNOV19
Formation flight from KRIC to KJFK @KRIC 171515ZNOV19
Air to air refueling - @KLAX - 170100ZNOV19
Formation flight from KRIC to KJFK @KRIC 171515ZNOV19
Heathrow British Airways Flight @EGLL - BAW227
[CANCELLED]Turkish Airlines Europe Group Flight @LTFM - 181500ZNOV19
(4 Attending) Spectacular Airshow @KSUU 1602000ZNOV19
Emirates group flight. OMBD 1 0600Z NOV19
30NOV20 / 2130Z Rock city Fly In Challenge - [Finished] @ EGLL- LXGB
New Zealand Group Flight @ NZAA - 200000ZJUL19
I took off out of KMIA ,this livery is great
[ENDED] Southwest Oakland Int. Airport Group Flight to Honolulu Int. @KOAK 121900OCT19
[CLOSED] Worlds Shortest Air Route @ EGEW 060615ZOCT19
B757-200 Test Flight
Quick KBUR to SFO flyout! @ KBUR - 191815ZSEP19
Im bored so Lets Fly @YMML 040310ZSEP19
Flight of 6 over San Francisco@ KSFO-050015ZSEP19
Anyone wanna fly with me @ EGGD -121145zJUL19
Anyone can help me for if movie [finished]
Group Flight @ KLAX - 191205ZAUG19
RPLL to RPVB group flight @ RPLL -161130ZAUG19
@ SCEL 160800ZAUG19 Planespotting Feature video
KMDW Fly-out @KMDW 152145ZAUG19
Flight group Amazonas @ SBEG - 090130ZFRI19
(Closed) Fedex Feeder Flight @ KPDX 060820ZAUG19
Last landing till grade 4 - @KLAS - 07JUL0140Z19
(Canceled) KDVN-KPEA GA flight AUG05
AerLingus London to Dublin EGLL030020ZAUG19
Hoping to meet you guys
Flight EGLL-EHAM Jul 29
Join me for some touch an goes to the Bahamas!! @KFLL - 06JUL2200Z19
Flying southwest with me @ KFLL - 262330ZJUL19
@ EFBD - 251500ZJUL19 training flight today( 18 GATES) 4 HOURS
My trip home @ RKSI - 250700ZJUL19
Air force group to KEDW @KSEA- 210530JUL19
[Departed] Flash Flight: @YSSY - @093000ZJUL5
(Will Be Cancelled If Nobody Attends) Group Flight to JFK - @UUEE - 292230ZJUN19
(Will Be Cancelled If Nobody Attends) Group Flight to JFK - @UUEE - 292230ZJUN19
[CLOSED]Amsterdam To Aalborg In The 737 @EHAM-211500ZDEC18
[Canceled] Houston to Toronto! United Airlines- @ KIAH 261700ZJUN19
Infinite Flight Group Flights
[Pushing Back] A quick flight to Dublin 190050ZDEC18
Moscow-Paris @UUEE - 201400ZDEC18
Let’s go skiing @ LOWI - 151730ZDEC18
Military Flight @ KLAX - 140830ZDEC2018
WAOO Flyout - @WAOO - 07JUN0300Z19
Anyone wanna fly now? @ EDDF - 041300ZJUN19
Somewhat longhaul @SBBR 041500Z JUN19
Group Flight: Frankfurt To London (Canceled: No Attendees)
[CANCELED]Some random flight - @LFPG - 271600ZMAY19
[CLOSED]Berlin Tempelhof Tribute Flight!
Mumbai To Delhi @VABB - 271400ZMAY19
Nadi to papeete NFFN - NTAA
(2 attending) Monthly Monday Flights @ PHNL 221345ZAPR19
Air France Heavies into Washington! @LFPG 181400Z APR19
A Visit To Moscow @ WSSS - 061500ZAPR19
(Closed) Formation Practice @ KEDW - 29000ZMAR19
Popup Fun Flight [Time Changed!]
[MID-FLIGHT] [NEED ATC] Keflavik Flyout! @ BIKF - 161700ZMAR19
A Group Flight to KBUR - @KPDX 171700ZMAR19
Time for some Turk tourists@KLAX 23 0300z FEB19
Grade 5 celebration @ KMIA-MKJP - 112100zFEB19
Trip to Kauai @ KPDX - 032140ZFEB19
83rd Air SoCal Patrol @KLAX - 262000ZJAN19
(CLOSED) Parade of the Islands @ NTAA 251645ZJAN19
EGLL-LOWI and back @EGLL 261430ZJAN19
RKSI-KJFK: all data is provided, hopefully you can join me
(Cancelled)A319 Eurowings @EDDK 141630ZJAN19
Gooooooo Saints @ KMSY - 130700ZJAN19
Los Angeles to Dallas @ KLAX - 120140ZJAN19
(Cancelled)KLM E190@EHAM - 111400zJAN18
Alpine flying @LOWS 081235ZJAN19
[CLOSED] Night Aeroflot flyout @UUWW - 131700ZJAN19
Flight LSZH-OMDB a classical A380/A330 route @LSZH - 191100ZJAN19
Up For a 15 hour flight? - @KIAD 310200ZDEC31
Flight LSZH-OMDB a classical A380/A330 route @LSZH - 191100ZJAN19
Philippines Airlines Flight @ RPLL 290500ZDEC18 [CANCELLED due to emergency]
(CLOSED)Xmas @VTBS - 260030ZDEC18
LIRF [Rome] to KPHL [Philadelphia] @LIRF - 091930ZMAY20
Project sunrise YSSY-KJFK @YSSY - 092000ZMAY20
Anyone wanna do a flight with me
Anyone wanna do a flight with me
Covid19 Special @LHBP 3 day flight start on 25 May 1000Z
Bristol - Basel EZY6085 CANCELLED
Flight to Houston put San Francisco
Flight to Houston put San Francisco
Join the IFUSA team for a group flight on Saturday
[Departed solo] XCub prep @X51 - 230000ZAPR19
VFR flying anyone?
Alaska Airlines and Virgin America
A nice 777 @RJTT 30230ZAPR20
Fly with me :)
Dallas-Fort Worth - LAX
Flight EGLL-EHAM Jul 29
Showing the DC10 some love @EGLL 111600ZMAY20
Anybody doing long flight?
Anybody doing long flight?
American Airlines group flight.
The west african tour
KDCA Flash Flight @ KDCA - 310345ZDEC18
Fires In Los Angeles! We Need Tankers from LAX
[2 ATTENDING] 1H LEFT! LANDING CONTEST @KSUS 077200ZSEP19 live discord server
Delta flyout @KATL- AUG28
Flight event at IAH at November 1
Are there any thread to request for group flight?
A flight between the coasts of the south A flight between the coasts of southern Italy

Just out of curiousity, why not swap the day and the time? It would make more sense if it read
Rather than
Or you could put the entire date first rather than the way you have it


The date time format used here is an international standard amongst both aviation as well as military which is why it’s used here. Yes it’s not so straight forward, but once you worked out the code it is easy to work out.