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Over the past couple of weeks flying on expert, I noticed something I’d like to discuss:
During times with heavy traffic in the evening, IFATC Controllers are pretty busy, nothing new. In some cases, like today at Dubai, Tower gives you t/o clearance or line up clearance even though a plane is on short final. When the Tower realizes the mistake, he instructs the approaching pilot to go around. A Go Around is mandatory, but three of four pilots I’ve seen today continued their approach and landed. Tower ATC said nothing. After the Tower ATC closed it got pretty hilarious. I saw two approaches where the approaching pilot almost flew into the plane taking off, obviously not even thinking about a Go Around. This isn’t okay on expert in my opinion.

I ask every pilot on expert for keeping an eye on their surroundings, especially the rwy approach, just like we do it in real life.

I think deliberately disregarding a Go Around should be an immediate ghost on expert. What do you think?


The immediate ghost for disregarding a go around depends heavily on many factors.
If the aircraft is extremely slow and low when I give the command, I tend to give them the benefit of the doubt because it’s hard to go around that late in the approach. Aircraft above 180 KIAS that don’t go around and cause a runway collision or violate runway spacing, they get ghosted.
It’s a very fine line.
Yes I do think pilots need more integrity on expert to do what’s right, many times when atc is gone everything goes out the window.


If they’re too low already, I’m good when they land. That what made me create this thread are all the pilots disregarding Go Around even if they’re 3nm out.


I’ve had busy situations where I had a backlog of aircrafts waiting to depart and a continuous stream of inbounds. In those cases, I occasionally create a gap by send one or two aircrafts around. It’s not pretty, but sometimes it’s the only way. In those cases, the inbound pilot should receive his go-around well in time.

If an aircraft lands anyway, with another aircraft taking off or still on the runway, I ghost with no warning. We can’t have this, clearly. In rare situations where the runway is clear and the aircraft lands, I just refer to help pages.

Yes, unfortunately after the ATC leaves a busy airport, sometimes we see some horrible behaviour. This is why often mods monitor the airport, after the ATC leaves. And ghosts do happen then…


I have ghosted one because of that today at OMBD…

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I could not disagree with this more, respectfully, of course. Landing is a reward of a good approach. There is no point where its “too tough” to go around. If the command is given, an aircraft must follow ATC commands (excluding and emergency). It doesn’t matter if you’re 50 AGL, if the approach becomes a bust (contaminated runway, unstable approach, ect), you go around. Period.


A pilot must always, always be prepared and able to go around. A pilot shouldn’t be landing right above the stall, and nor should they be that low they can’t go around.
And it’s not just the IFATC that should be watching out for this kind of thing, the pilot in control should be paying attention to the area ahead of him for other aircraft, and make the correct judgement. People that continue to land regardless should be ghosted for not following instructions.
In real life, it wouldn’t result in a ghost, it would result in a crash and likely death.


You get my point. And that’s exactly what annoys me on expert sometimes. If you want to land regardless ATC/Unicom, go for TS or CS, but on expert you need to take the additional 10min to go around. I known it can be pretty annoying to contact approach, speed up, set flaps, fly a downwind and lining up for landing again but that’s how it’s done. No excuses, at least not on expert.

I’ve had many situations in which i have had to ghost due to failure to go around. Depending on traffic, the other aircraft may have just rotated while the other just touches down. That i wouldn’t ghost…

But a pilot, especially on the expert server, should always be able to execute a go around at any moment.

But it 100% depends on the situation as every ghost has it’s own factors to it!

Hope my input helps!


When I feel there won’t be adequate separation, I always give aircrafts go-arounds as early as possible. On average I give aircrafts go-arounds 10-15 seconds prior to crossing the threshold.

If they didn’t acknowledge, I repeated the command again about a few seconds later. Either way whether they acknowledge or didn’t, there is no excuse for a failure to go-around, hence they will be reported. There’s one time where someone acknowledge with ‘stand by’, and continued his landing. You would definitely know what happened to him after that.

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I disagree with the immediate ghost option as it’s too much of a punishment. It depends on who alerted who on Unicom first. If the pilot entering the runway preparing for takeoff alerted first before the pilot who’s approaching the same runway announced inbound or worse still kept silent until short final (eg: 3nm out at announcing he’s on final), then obviously the latter’s at fault if he chose not to Go Around.

However, if the approaching pilot announced inbound, reported position on final once and repeated again during short final (pilot takes extra precaution because it’s a busy airport). Then anyone who’s entering the runway is at fault for not paying attention to Unicom. In this case, we shouldn’t blame the approaching pilot as he did his job.

At most either party would just curse and swear at the other for screwing things up and having poor judgement, there’s no need for ghosting. If you still think ghosting is still a valid punishment, why not ghost the pilot who entered the runway in the first place?

I just did one myself because of a rejected takeoff at Dubai, I was directed by ATC at the threshold. I get directed all of the time to do them, pretty simple to execute and I’m always ready for it. I use all approach plates for a go-around altitude checks as well. I agree with the poster, there should be no issues on the expert server for somebody to do a go around.

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