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Hi there! I get a ghost before the update release, but now im with 500 atc operarions. The ghost dont exists anynore, so can i apply for IFATC even having get the ghost less than 1 month ago?

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You must wait until 60 days have passed since this ghost.
Please see the requirements at https://community.infiniteflight.com/t/infinite-flight-atc-recruiting/217147.


Yeah, i knew this, but the IF “gives up” the ghost, so i thought that i can apply now

Ghosts are now Level 3 Violations

Read this.

Yeah, but if i get a ghost before the update comes with this new rule

It transfers over to a Lvl 3 violation - the recruitment document needs to be updated to say Lvl 3 violations instead of ghosts.

If it doesn’t show up on your grade table, pretty sure you are fine.

Just the name changed. Ghost=Level 3 violation. Still need to wait 60days from your last ghost.

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Thats my grade table. Am i able to apply?

Looks like you didn’t receive any Lv.3 violations?

Hmmm…it seems you must have been system ghosted for getting too many L1 violations. Those dont show up on your grade table. IFATC only look at reports (Lvl3) by ATC.

You are OK to apply for IFATC.

From the looks of that, you are able to apply.

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Yup, im dont understanding lol

Roger, Benny! Thank you so much

You are welcome.

Ghosts did not convert to only Level 3 violations. They split into levels 2 and 3. Level 2’s are minor that kick you off the ES for your session while Level 3’s kick you for a week. If you have any level 2’s or 3’s, then you have to wait 60 days to apply for IFATC.

However, it seems you only have Level 1 violations on your record, therefore you are all good to apply.

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No - all reports were converted to Level 3 in 20.1! Read the blog post I linked above.

The OP’s issue has been solved. There is no need for any more comments.

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@reer104 @BennyBoy_Alpha, before you too start arguing back and forth, I’ll clarify as you both ad misunderstanding each other. While like @reer104 said, reasons for ghosts prior to 20.1 did split between L2 and L3 violations in 20.1, however, as @BennyBoy_Alpha said, ghost issued prior to 20.1 all became L3 within one’s grade book when the system changed in 20.1! You both are correct, just not understanding each other!


From the looks of your grade table you are good to apply, but if you what to be extra sure shoot me a message and I’ll check for you :)

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