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The General Category

This is the general category of the forum. It is a place to post topics that do not fit into any specific category. General forum rules still apply here. These are as followed:

Searching Before Posting

Please search before posting. This can be done by going to the top right-hand corner of the forum and clicking on the small magnifying glass. Make sure to try different terms that may be used in the thing you are searching for. For example, if I am searching for ‘A380 Air France Livery’, I may search for A380 Air France, A380 France Livery, France A380 and so forth.

If you are wanting to remake an old topic, please flag it and we can close it for you. Do not post a new one and then flag the old one without first checking with the moderators.

Trust Level Considerations

If you are wanting to post in the following categories, you must be trust level 2. If you do not see the option to post in the following categories, you must not use general instead. Please wait until you are the correct trust level and then post in the correct categories. Trust levels requiring TL2 are as followed:


This includes the subcategories of each of these. To post in #tutorials you must be TL3.

For more information on trust levels, go to:

English Text

We ask that you write in English text as it is the most commonly understood language on our forum. If you are looking for support, we offer both #support:espanol and #support:francais categories where you can post in Spanish and French respectively. We also ask that you try to use the correct grammar and spelling as much as possible. Do not worry if you struggle, as the community will help you as much as possible.

Please also take the time to read the About, TOS, Privacy and FAQ pages:

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