About the flight plan

Could someone tell me how to copy the flight plan generated by the page that appears in Tyler’s tutorial in-game?

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Which tutorial are you referring to?

Use https://fpltoif.com/ to make your complex FPL, then copy it to IF.

About the last tutorial of climb to cruise

I’m not sure, but I think he’s referring to his Climb to Cruise tutorial

But i dont know how to copy it in the game

Copy the flight plan and paste it into the search menu of your map. It will automatically copy the fpl

Open your map, and then on the top-right corner there will be a search bar. Paste it there, and press enter, and your FPL will be put onto the map ;)

Thank you man!

Thank you!

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Always here to help! 😊

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No worries! ;)

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Hey man and you know a page that Give me the flight time?

Fpltoif.com let’s you create fpl and if you scroll down it will give you information like fuel, weight, Flight time, cruising altitude, etc. I use it for every flight

But there is two option, what do you use?

I go with SimBrief. It’s easier to use in my opinion

Thank you mate

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