About the Features Category

This is the features category of the forum. It is the place to request new features for Infinite Flight. These can be anything that has the potential to be added in-app. For requests for forum features, please go to #meta.

To post in features, you must be trust level 2. If you cannot post in features, please do not use #general as an alternative. Feature requests have particular structures needed to be followed in a request:

  1. One feature per topic. This means single variants only for aircraft families
  2. Do not spam. More than 2 or 3 feature requests in a day is an abuse of the category
  3. 1 picture per request. A small minority of requests will be permitted a second photo for the purpose of context
  4. Give credit to the owners of any photo you use. You must do this by citing the owners name and also provide a link to the photos original location

Searching Before Posting

We have a high number of feature requests, so please search before posting. This can be done by going to the top right-hand corner of the forum and clicking on the small magnifying glass. Make sure to try different terms that may be used in the thing you are searching for. For example, if I am searching for ‘A380 Air France Livery’, I may search for A380 Air France, A380 France Livery, France A380 and so forth.

If you are wanting to remake an old request, please flag it and we can close it for you. Do not post a new one and then flag the old one without first checking with the moderators.


In this category, you can vote for features. This allows us to see popular requests amongst the community. You have a limited number of votes and these change depending on your trust level.

3D Object Requests

  • You are allowed to request 3D objects such as specific types of ground vehicles, airport objects, and more
  • You cannot request specific 3D airports to be edited
  • Unique building objects (such as the Eiffel tower) are not permitted in requests
  • Individual buildings (for example, Hotel A at XYZ) are not permitted in requests, nor are ‘grouped locations’ such as ‘3D Palm Dubai’

December 2020 Update

  • Added new rule for single variant requests only
  • Added ‘before you post’ section
  • Added section for 3D object requests

Before you post, here are some great things to know!
  • Lots of factors are at play when we decide on new features
  • We work within the tech limits that we have
  • Some decisions are for business reasons (that we obviously won’t be sharing)
  • We use real data and analytics in our decisions
  • Forum votes are taken into account
  • Social media temperature and trends are taken into account
  • The final decision always rests on our staff team. We are community-driven, not community lead
  • We can, and do, remove liveries and features for both technical and non-technical reasons
  • Claims of bias will not be tolerated when discussing features. Our livery list is diverse and widespread, and we continue to promote this wherever possible
  • False allegations, arguments, or spam will result in the feature request being closed regardless of the vote count