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DC-10, MD-11 and Tristar
Real World Features
Sukhoi/su family?
Turboprop aircraft wishlist!
Ayers Rock Airport, Australia (YAYE)
The gulf streams must be presented in sequence with the release of the global flight feature
Cubana Antonov An-158
Turboprop aircraft wishlist!
Improvement suggestions
What a dash8-q200 might look like in IF
Cirrus SR22 FDS livery
Airport Suggestions
Tigerair Philippines Airbus A320
A320 Sharklet Option
Boeing 737 MAX Family
Clouds and Bad Storms!
Bombardier Challenger 600 Series
South African domestic airlines
Arkia A321NEO
What happened to the Features Category Guidelines Post?
BAe 146 Series
About how many posts can one make per day?
Question About the Features Category
A Beginner's Guide to the Forums
Fighter jets
West Jet Boeing 767 and West Jet Boeing 737-800
Airbus A340 Family
El Al Boeing 777-200ER
El Al 777-200
What happened to the Features Category Guidelines Post?
bmi Regional Embraer 145
CRJ200 Freighter
Airbus A350 "Around The World" livery
United Airlines A320 (Rising blue) Livery
ATR-72 Arkia
Boeing 777-300ER "World Tour" livery
Before Requesting a Feature
Aeromaritime HR.144 Heron
klm 190 united crj 200
Neos Air Fleet
Ability to add friends to a friends list in infinite flight!
Couple Ideas for Infinite Flight Sim
Condor "newer" DC-10
KLM "Orange Pride" B777-300ER
Boeing T-X
British Airways Boeing 777-200ER Landor Livery
Add New Plane 2017
American Eagle Dash-8-100
MD11/MD10 liveries
EVA Air Airbus A321 Star Alliance Livery
Engine Off in Detail
Lufthansa A321 Retro Livery
May I request anything?
Afterburners for the Fighters
Air Greenland Airbus A330-200
New ERJ Liveries
McDonnell Douglas MD80 Family ( MD-80 )
Emirates Sky Cargo Boeing 747-400F
Saab 2000
Taxiway Markings
Cirrus SR22 N264MC Livery
ANA Star Wars C-3PO Boeing 777-200
Follow free cam a solution to window camera views
Clarification on One Picture Rule
Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400
Boeing 737-900ER
Boeing-Stearman Mod76/PT17-N2S
Rafale - Tiger meet 2014 livery
LOT Polish Airlines 737-800
Delete This Post
DH 106 Comet
CS100 And CS300
Malev Hungarian Airlines 737-800
CRJ-200 liveries
Japan Airlines Boeing 767 300ER
Airbus A320 Family Livery Tracking Thread
Wing Condensation
Southwest Texas Lone Star livery
JetBlue A320 honors our veterans livery
Amphibious Aircrafts & Water Takeoff & Landing capabilities.
Arkia Embraer -190 New livery purple
Airbus A320 Family Wing View Fix
Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737-800
Embraer E175-LR
Nok Air Purple Boeing 737-800
JetGo Embraer 135
Air France "JonOne" Boeing 777-300ER
[Confirmed] Air Tahiti Nui Boeing 787-9
Region Including Ethiopia, Djibouti and South Yemen
Edelweiss Air liveries
Pictures in Feature Requests
Boeing 787
Can there be a northen england airport region added?
A320 family, will they add easyJet in the next update? / New airports for the London region!
More navigation tools
Lockheed s3 Viking
KLM Asia
Add batik air 737-900er and 800er
Add some middle eastern liveries to the 777-300
Ansett Australia Boeing 747-300
Azerbaijan A320
Airbus A380 Airbus livery
Updated feature category guidelines
El Al (New livery) 787-9
Finnair MD11
Air CaraĂŻbes | Airbus A330-300
Shun Feng Airlines 757-200SF
Frontier A320 (new livery)
Livery/Winglet selectors, and new form of payment
Livery/Winglet selectors, and new form of payment
British Airways Oneworld B744 Livery
Guyana / Suriname and French Guiana Area !
[Closed] Tanker Support @ KNUQ - 261500ZSEP15
Evergreen C-130 livery
Tigerair Australia Boeing 737-800
Developer's Plane/livery?
Can you add older aircraft
South African Airlines A319
Mooney M20

Let me help you define it better:

One aircraft request per variant of a series
“Bombardier CRJ100” is okay, “Bombardier CRJ Series” is not. Sub-types (ER, LR, engine types) can be combined.

For livery requests, only liveries for one variant are allowed
“Boeing 737-800 Additional Liveries” is acceptable, “Boeing 737 Next Generation Liveries” is not.

One region per request, not multiple regions for a continent
“Brazil Region” is okay, but “South America Regions” is not.

For other functions, only combine them if it makes sense to have them together
“LNAV and VNAV” is fine, but “Smoother A/P and Realistic Flap Deployment Times” should be separate topics.