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The Features Category

This is the features category of the forum. It is the place to request new features for Infinite Flight. These can be anything that has the potential to be added in-app. For requests for forum features, please go to #meta. To post in features, you must be trust level 2. If you cannot post in features, please do not use #general as an alternative. Feature requests have particular structures needed to be followed in a request:

  1. One feature per topic. Comments must also relate to this feature
  2. Do not spam. More than 2 or 3 feature requests in a day is an abuse of the category
  3. 1 picture per request. A small minority of requests will be permitted a second photo for the purpose of context
  4. Give credit to the owners of any photo you use. You must do this by citing the owners name and also provide a link to the photos original location

Searching Before Posting

We have a high number of feature requests, so please search before posting. This can be done by going to the top right-hand corner of the forum and clicking on the small magnifying glass. Make sure to try different terms that may be used in the thing you are searching for. For example, if I am searching for ‘A380 Air France Livery’, I may search for A380 Air France, A380 France Livery, France A380 and so forth.

If you are wanting to remake an old request, please flag it and we can close it for you. Do not post a new one and then flag the old one without first checking with the moderators.


We recently added a new vote feature. Please utilise this to show support for a topic instead of adding a comment with no productive value. If a topic is closed, you automatically get your votes back. You have a limited number of votes. You can see your votes on your profile.

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American Eagle CRJ-700
Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird
Lufthansa Cargo | MD-11F | Step By Step Livery
More variety of liveries.
Cessna 208 Air Panama Livery
New aircraft
New Planes and Liveries
Swiss International Air Lines Airbus A340-300
Gate Signage
Taxiway Names
American Airlines MD-80
What plane should we add to IF ?
A380/ 747/ A340 Wing Flex
Malaysian Airlines Boeing 787-8 and 787-9
Airplane cockpit lights
Airbus A330 Rework
New liveries for A340, A330.
Atc for free
Wanted planes in IF
ANA Sea Turtle A380
Scimitar Winglets on the Boeing 737
Air New Zealand 777-200er (Pacific Wave)
More liveries for 777-300ER
Gulf Air Aircrafts
Japanes airliners
Rework Embraer family
Faster ATC talking speeds
More U.S. Airways Liveries
Attention all mods
Snowy terrain in the winter
Different weather conditions
MD90 and variants addition
Keep the Retro / Legacy Liveries Coming
Same planes; more realism.
Ryanair B737 Boeing House Livery
Southwest Special Liveries
Air Nostrum CRJ-1000
What Updates Should Infinite Flight Get?
American Airlines Boeing 767-300ER
Gear Smoke
Add Boeing 707/C-135 series of aircraft
TUI/Thomson 767 & 757
What's Next After TMB930? Gulfstream Jet!!!
Aeromexico Skyteam Livery Embrarer 170
US Air Force MC-130 livery for C-130H
We need 3D
Alaska San Francisco A321neo livery
WestJet Care-Antee Livery 737-800
Cessna Citation ll
Lokheed Martin SR-71 Blackbird
ATR 72 FedEx
Add Boeing 707/C-135 series of aircraft
More Log in Methods such as Wechat for "Fly Online" & "Air Traffic Control"
Boeing 737-700, 737-800, 737-900 working doors
Graphics, 3D buildings,bridges and airports
Engine start request
Gulfstream Business Jets
A320neo Family
Boeing 717-200 Rework
Delta a320
Grade 6 and expert server
Scoot Boeing 777-200ER
Embraer ERJ-120 - 145
How do i create a poll ?
Cathay Dragon Livery for the A320 and A330
Ryanair B737-800 (Updated)
LOT Fleet Update
Iran Air Boeing 747SP EP-IAC
rework Airbus A319
Honoring United's 747
Window Border View(s)
VARIG 737-700 (New Livery)
shaking sound on all aircraft
Air koryo
Cyprus airways a319 and a320
Plz put in air China a330
Air New Zealand 777-200ER (Black Beauty Livery)
JetBlue All liveries
XF-84H Thunderscreech
Bush Planes in IF : Discussion
jetBlue A320 “New York International RetroJet Livery”
Must Read Argument Of Improvement.
Flybe Embraer 190
WestJet “Spirit of Canada” Livery
Let's discuss the voting system in a friendly and respectful manner!
Air China A350-900 “Expo 2019”livery
Boeing 737-200
Airbus neo familly
Air Algérie Boeing 777-300ER
Missing the Tunisair Airbus A332
request to add Air Algérie company on Airbus A330-200
request add the company Air Algérie
request add the company Air Algérie
Douglas Dakota 3
easyJet A321 Livery
ATC command feature
747-200/400 cargo
Just a little suggestion which would make the experience a whole lot more realistic
U.S. Navy - Boeing P-8 Poseidon.
Transavia Livery B737-700
737 Freighter
Pay-As-You-Go? mainly for discussion :D
New ATC commands thread CLOSED DUPLICATE
Cannot post in #features
PIA New EuroWhite Livery Boeing 777-200ER
Gulfstream Business Jets
Post in #Features
Does anyone want the Iberia A330 and A340 liveries. I sure do.
Landing Count Disgust
Southwest Airlines Lousiana One Livery
can a kind TL2 MEMBER REPOST THIS FOR ME IN FEATURES votes for the new cameras ON CRJ SERIES to be updated to every aircraft in IF
Lacking liveries on these airplanes
harrier jet and aircraft carriers for the ts and es
Western Air ERJ-145
Varig Airlines DC-10
CRJ cargo
Laudamotion A321
More African short haul liveries
Better aircraft sound? (B777)
Show/Hide Political Map Borders
Add these Portuguese airlines to airline list
United Nations livery for C-130’s in IF
American Eagle E-175
United Airbus A319
China Southern Airbus a320
Nintendo Switch Port
FedEx 757
All Nippon Airways 787-9
Helios Airways Livery Request
Delete unworthy
Who wants an ERJ-145?
Belavia Bombardier CRJ-200 Livery
Aircraft Livery ‘Overhaul’?
Skywest Australia A320
Monarch Airlines DC-10
Garuda Indonesia Explore-Jet Bombardier CRJ-1000ER NextGen
European Military Aircraft
Airbus A320 Frontier "Wiley the Bison" Livery
Blue Air 737 Livery Series
Thomas Cook Airbus A330-200
Grand Tour Liveries
Space Feature Request 2017 [CLOSED]
Convair 580
A350 ULR option
Lufthansa and Delta A350
El Al 777-200
Communication with ATC and Unicom diagram
More liveries for the 763
Scimitar Winglets on the Boeing 737
Ryanair B737 Boeing House Livery
RoyalAirMaroc New Livery.
757 & 767 Rework
Alrosa Airlines
Myanmar National Airlines Boeing 737-800 Livery
Older 747 Liveries
The ME 262
Votes for challenging heavy aircraft
British Airways Boeing 787-8
Plane option
Am I Allowed To Request An Airplane?
Airbus A380 plus
Transavia 737-700 New livery
More Freighters
Air New Zealand Boeing 777-200ER Livery request
What features do you wish to see in IF?
More turkish Aircrafts
lights and mode replays
Zenith STOL CH 750
A319 or 717 Volotea
Antonov An-148-100B
All Southwest Airlines colors
EgyptAir Fleet
United Airlines A350
Alrosa Airlines on Boeing 737-800
Sand Las Vegas A340-500
Finnair A350-900 (Marimekko Kivet Livery)
Airbus A350-1000XWB Carbon House Colors
Airbus A350XWB Family
More Private Jets in Infinite flight
Request for call sign
ERJ - 135 and 140
Qantas Wunala Dreaming
Touching Base
A question about Features
Blackburn Buccaneer
Hawaiian Airlines liveries
Feature suggestions
New Aircraft and features needed.
American Airlines "America west" A319 Livery
Additional Allegiant Liveries
A330 République Française
I don't understand how to request new livery for Infinite Flight
LAC Tejas- light weight combat fighter jet
Re-Work idea
Saudia B777-300ER
More liveries
Royal Jordanian A330 Livery
Aer Lingus IRFU ‘Green Sprirt’ A320-214
Panavia Tornado Family
Malaysian 737 MAX 8
RAAF C130J Hercules Livery
737-600 Janet Airlines livery