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After seeing this images in Expert Server about people flying without respecting the instructions and doing as we were in a car racing and without being ghosted, I suggest to limit the access of the Expert Server to grade four. What do you think guys?


This has been talked about before. High grades don’t mean they’ll act right. Trust me, I’ve seen naughty grade 5 before.


Make a #features topic, maybe you’ll get some votes!


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Why is this topic than needed?

I’ve seen trolling grade fives that can’t even take off. It won’t help. It’ll only put a bunch of people (myself included) into TS, with less activity on Expert.

@Mika @Tarek_Brahim the topic linked by @DiamondGaming4 was a previous attempt that failed.


I believe this has been raised before I do not believe grades matter in infinite flight a grade 5 could behave and be less mature than a grade 1 newbie pilot as @TheInitialVirus has just stated.
Grade doesn’t always mean you are a a cut above everyone else although your general idea seems interesting Infinite Flight doesn’t quite work like that and enforcing a higher grade may not always be an answer as many people have seen trolling grade 4s and 5s.It would also further exclude a large amount of people now that one it hard to get back do a higher grade eg.Grade 4 where you require 100 landings un the last 90 days.I believe if the staff/Mods introduced this they would be a large amount of negativity and anger displayed to the moderators and would possibly effect the amount of Infinite Flight users.


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I think this would be an interesting discussion to have, I’d personally like to hear what Staff and Mods think of this, as they deal with most of the ghostings and misbehaving players.

Here’s a question: How are ghosts distributed across grades? Do grade 3s get most of the ghosts, or do they receive a similar amount to the other grades?


I would report any user that I see misbehaving on the server. Use your report button in IF and make it happen. I have only had to report one plane so far for not using Unicom at all.

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Grade != Skill

Come join the IFATC team so we can spread out more by opening more frequencies to cover the area. ATC/Modertators can’t be everywhere at one.


I’m just curious as to how this happened, as the top picture shows a controller online.
Of course, someone may be forgotten about in a busy airspace every now and then, but it shouldn’t have gotten to that point.


The report button no longer functions

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Really? So my report didn’t do anything? 👁👁

This seems unfair to people who don’t have time to achieve grade four. Simply blaming all of the problems on grade 3 users isn’t the best thing you could do just saying🤷‍♂️


I think a better question to ask would be how to get pilots to spread out, and not congregate around one airport each day? Having 120 inbounds to one place just isn’t fun for anyone, pilots or controllers. It also increases the risk of ghostings, and leads to crowded airspace and incidents like this.


@JT_Playz very true to the people who cannot get those landings up but may have a good level of skill within the Simulator
@tomthetank maybe two feature regions a day on night one and one in the day I don’t know but the IFATC numbers would have to increase

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You as the pilot are still responsible for your aircraft. If you see a plane coming towards you it is on you to look at their alt and see if they are climbing or descending and adjust as needed.


I’ve already touched on this and standby my point. Some of us simply don’t have the time to commit to being grade 4. If we punish the whole of grade 3 pilots, there will still be some who are going to say “but I followed the rules”. There really isn’t any way we can make a fool-proof expert server. The best we can do is ignore them, wait for IFATC to do their job, and move on.


Is there a way to report then manually? Like contacting a mod or staff and IFATC with screenshots of the ATC log and video of the incident?

Maybe… I usually see the status board showing with one airport having 60+ inbounds, another with maybe 15, and the rest with 5 or less. For ATC, opening one of those smaller airports is not a lot of action. I don’t really know what to do about that.