About The Events Category

This is a sub-category of Live, its purpose is to announce, promote and discuss events.

Only TL1 members and above can post in this category.

As well as our Guide to the Community, the following rules apply within this category when posting:

  • Events must use the Create event function located in the settings cog of the toolbar when creating a topic. This will add your event to the official event calendar
Using "Create Event"

Using the Create event dialog box will insert some bbcode similar to this:

[event start="2023-01-01 18:00" status="public" name="GA Flyout! " end="2023-01-01 19:00" allowedGroups="trust_level_0"]
  • Events may not be posted more than 60 days before the event date
  • If a date is changed, and the new date is outside of this 60-day rule, you must make a new topic when the proposed date is within 60 days
  • You may only postpone the event once
  • Voice-based ATC events are not permitted
  • Users may only post a maximum of 6 events per month
  • Titles cannot include sponsorship details, attendee numbers or anything in brackets
  • Titles must be under 120 characters and must include the server tag for the server it is on
  • Titles no longer require a custom format with the addition of our new category calendar! 🥳

The following tags can be used in this category:

Tag Name Purpose
atc-needed ATC has not yet committed to this event and services are requested
atc-staffed ATC has committed to staff this event
casual This event will be held on the Casual Server
training This event will be held on the Training Server
expert This event will be held on the Expert Server
va-event This event is hosted by a virtual airline (VA)

Want your event officially featured? Find out how below:

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