About The Events Category

Use this category to announce, promote and discuss all your Infinite Flight events. You must be TL2 or above to post in this category.

General Category Rules

  • Events may not be posted more than 30 days before the event date

  • If a date is changed, and the new date is outside of this 30-day rule, you must make a new topic when the proposed date is within 30 days

  • You may only postpone the event once

  • Voice-based ATC events are not permitted

  • Users may only post a maximum of 6 events per month

Title Rules

  • Titles cannot include sponsorship details of the event

  • Titles cannot include attendee numbers

  • Titles cannot include anything in brackets

  • Titles must be under 120 characters

  • Titles must be formatted in the following way:



DD = Day
MON = Month
YY = Year

HH = Hours
MM = Minute
Z = Zulu

Title = Title of your event
ICAO = The 4 letter airport code of the airport your event is departing and arriving to (arrival not needed with certain events)

In written format:

Date Month Year / Hour Minute (Zulu) - Title @ Airport Code to Airport Code


18APR20 / 1900Z - Good Old Times @ KNUC to KLAS