About the Events Category

This is good!

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Thank you Misha!


Thanks Misha! Great update!

They shouldn’t have been including sponsorship details anyway, only partnership 😉

Great new rules! Looking forward to having quick titles and what seems like some better reform to the events category.

Thanks Mish!


Good rules, prevents people from making events three months in advance which was happening.

Great new guidelines! Just one question: Do we have to change the titles of completed events?

Well since the events are over, there won’t be any point in changing them as the threads won’t be active, therefore it won’t be showing up too much.
This is more for people that are looking to create events/upcoming events

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Then are XXXX presents allowed?
Since when two VAs co-host an event we need it?

Sorry Misha, one more question. Should we avoid putting stuff like [Event Today] in our titles?

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For Love of God, I would both personally love to see this happening but also avoid LHR and the FNF Thread so badly for the entirety of that day 🤪

Anyways the new rules are great. Simple to follow and makes a event look from the first glance very clean and proper. Will indeed ease out any previous confusion about event location, time and date. Indeed this thread here from in a very simple way describes the new rules that anyone will understand. We should make everyone’s life easier, to make shorter titles are one way, so people reading aren’t spending too much unnecessary time trying understand the information displayed and what information that there the most vital, location, time and date.

Regarding postponing, I find that to be a necessary rule, as it will ensure that event-creators actually put a lot of time doing proper research before posting the event thread and choose very carefully when to hold the event. Additionally it will allow less people to be worried about when the event will take place. They can now very easily read the title and know the new date if postponed without having to be anxious about the event constantly being pushed for weeks or even months due to low attendance rates, last minute hiccups in life or other factors that contribute to a event delay.

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The idea is to keep it as simple as possible, but there is no hard and fast rule bar the ones stated above.

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New rules, ok. Btw @Trio thanks for changing my event’s title🙂

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Nice and simple, nice and simple, very good

So we can’t include sponsorships in the event title but we can we still include them in the thread?

Yes, that’s correct 👍🏼

Are [almost full] and [full] allowed?


Love this, it will definitely help reduce clutter and keep events organized.

One question I do have: Would there be any possibility of reviewing date and time format?
In my opinion

would be much easier to read if it went something like

The first seems almost computer-generated, and the second is much more human-readable.

Of course, if I’m missing some information that necessitates the first format please let me know.


No, it falls under the same category as attendees. If the event is really full, you can see it when opening the thread 😊

Really happy about this, loving that something is finally being done about, thank you moderator team.

Totally agree actually. I keep on thinking MAR18 is March 18th instead of March 2018 for example.

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