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Does a co-host count as a sponsor?

Like having a second person work with you on the event? That doesn’t sound like something you would put in your title.


Alright thanks, that helped me a lot!

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Was this added recently? I’m not aware of this.

It’s been in for about more the a month

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Ok, thank you. I’m planning an event for Saturday night, so look for that! ;)

Just wondering, is [15 spots left] allowed in the title? (Just an example)

No. This falls under this. I can update where needed


Just out of curiosity:

Does this include delaying the event by a short time like 30 minutes or longer times like 1 week?

30 mins fine, they are talking about changing dates.

Is there a maximum amount of sponsors you can have?

No, although a lot of VA’s will be quite picky and choosy on the sponsor. They will make a well thought decision whether to sponsor or not, so in the end you’ll only really get a few max. :)

I wouldn’t suggest ‘over-sponsor-ing’ it though 😅


Ok. Thanks

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What would you make the title if the event is a specific route?
Name: Atlantic Passing
date: A random date

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You would make the title the airport you started at and then all the other needed things in the title.


Atlantic Crossing @ EGLL 121400ZMAY20


Can i post an event 31 days prior? Ik i shouldnt ask but im just wondering

I mean, you probably could but why would you? Just to be difficult? I don’t understand why you would, just wait one more day and follow the rules. There’s not much else to it. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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