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We don’t want to restrict the way events are structured and organized. For some events it’s fantastic when there are many sponsors! The main goal of yesterday’s adjustment of the rules is to make everything more accessible by creating a better overview and increasing the quality of events by adjusting certain settings.


@MishaCamp What do we write when the event ends? [CLOSED]? How were we instructed before?

@WesleyHenrich There aren’t any specific instructions but a few regulars (including myself) have been changing the titles to include things like [CLOSED] and [COMPLETED] to keep it more organized. ;)

Ok. I wanted to know this before using the expression that is no longer appropriate again. I just wanted to know how to close the events correctly (maybe teaching at a PM) instead of someone just changing the title of an event that I was helping to coordinate. Thanks.

If you want to have your topic closed, you can always flag it yourself and write that you would like to have it closed for [reason]. A moderator will then be able to help.

Thanks for the tip. It was not the point I mentioned. There was a message from Misha that explained that when we finished we could include it in the title [CLOSED]. I will continue this on PM with the other regular above.

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Ok, I understand what you are referring to, no problem.

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Does a co-host count as a sponsor?

Like having a second person work with you on the event? That doesn’t sound like something you would put in your title.


Alright thanks, that helped me a lot!

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Was this added recently? I’m not aware of this.

It’s been in for about more the a month

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Ok, thank you. I’m planning an event for Saturday night, so look for that! ;)

Just wondering, is [15 spots left] allowed in the title? (Just an example)

No. This falls under this. I can update where needed


Just out of curiosity:

Does this include delaying the event by a short time like 30 minutes or longer times like 1 week?

30 mins fine, they are talking about changing dates.

Is there a maximum amount of sponsors you can have?

No, although a lot of VA’s will be quite picky and choosy on the sponsor. They will make a well thought decision whether to sponsor or not, so in the end you’ll only really get a few max. :)

I wouldn’t suggest ‘over-sponsor-ing’ it though 😅


Ok. Thanks

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