About the Events Category

Thanks but I’m still none the wiser

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Probably not - but maybe someone could confirm?

Marc confirmed it ;)

Is something like [LIMITED SPACE] allowed?

Using Marc’s post I would assume no, as you should also be able to see it when you open the thread. Just make it stand out in the thread and you should be able to get the message across.

So would the title of this event be allowed?

Most likely not. That was posted before this topic was though so just kindly let the OP know about it

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When you call someone out for something that happened before the new updates and also don’t ask permission.🙄

Not calling you out. Plus, for something like this, permission isn’t needed.

Well why’d you choose mine out of the hundreds of events?😂No one has posted on that thread for ages so you obviously were scrolling for a while.

You were the 5th result…

Love this, good job.

That’s the only downside I a, facing with this update 😔

Hey Everyone,

I have a few issues about this part:

The point of VAs as you must likely know, is to grow your rank in the VA, fly more then anyone else and unlock more aircraft! A lot of VAs sponsor a event so they can grow, that’s what the VA gets. You (the event maker) get the help of VAs advertising your event to their pilots. Most VAs have flight time multipliers and these are used to; as said before rank up in VAs. If we take the partnered VAs away from title, pilots who are just looking through the event categories will (used to) look for events with their VAs to rank up and unlock more aircraft, in my opinion taking this away won’t really help events. In my opinion, we should keep the VA partners in the title but still limit the title to 120 characters.



I agree with @tomthetank it would make it a lot easier to read and tell the date and time of the event especially for the IFC Members who aren’t as experienced but want to join 🤷🏼‍♂️ Just my opinion but “ 041830ZMAR18” it would be easier to say “ 04 March 2018 at 1830z” which was what tomthetank had would make it more clear and easier

Would there be a way to have events to automatically show up near the top of the forum approx. a day before the event? I often forget to attend events solely because I don’t see them after they are posted.

Bookmark the event, then you can find it more easily.

I understand your point, however I see it from a different perspective. The sponsorships in the title really used to fill up the category. Titles like [SPONSORED BY BAVA, DLVA, AAVA, NSV] are taking up a lot of space.

Many if not all VAs use an own communication channel like Slack where events where a VA participates are usually communicated. If a VA member is looking for VA specific stuff, the VA Slack is a good place to go. You’re still allowed to add the sponsors to the event thread. The goal is to keep the titles as clear and simple as possible to give users a good overview about all events.


Maybe we also add a rule having a maximum of 3 sponsors? 21 VAs as sponsors seems a bit extreme.

We don’t want to restrict the way events are structured and organized. For some events it’s fantastic when there are many sponsors! The main goal of yesterday’s adjustment of the rules is to make everything more accessible by creating a better overview and increasing the quality of events by adjusting certain settings.


@MishaCamp What do we write when the event ends? [CLOSED]? How were we instructed before?