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The Events Category

Use this category to announce, promote and discuss all your Infinite Flight events. You must be TL2 or above to post in this category.

  • Topic titles must include the starting location and time of the event in the following format:


  • Event Title: The title of your event. Keep it short and original!
  • ICAO: The 4-letter airport code the event’s significant location. (e.g. KDEN)
  • DD: Day of the month (e.g. 18th of June = 18)
  • HHMM: Time of your event in Zulu time (e.g. 1pm CST (UTC -6) = 1900)
  • Z: Simply the letter ‘Z’ to indicate the time is in Zulu time
  • MON: 3-letter abbreviation for the month of your event (e.g. January = JAN)
  • YY: Last 2 digits of the year of your event (e.g. 2015 = 15)

Example: Friday Night Flight - Airbus vs Boeing @ London - 041830ZMAR18

  • Time in the title must always be in Zulu time. You are free to include times for the popular timezones in the content of your post. (Click here to convert to and from Zulu time). Remember that events will be converted to any user’s local timezone when they see the event displayed on Infinite Flight’s home menu!

  • Once the event ends, please edit your topic title and add “[Closed]” to the front of the title:
    Blue Angels @ KSFO - 030900ZAUG18
    [Closed] Blue Angels @ KSFO - 030900ZAUG18

  • Remember to post your best event screenshots in the comments of the event’s original topic!

Gold coast - Melbourne mini event
[Closed] Herc “Cargo” flight @ KLAX - 250200ZJAN18
IFAF Airshow Application
[Closed] Airshow tour 2018 opening ! @ OMDB - 022200ZFEB18[DATECHANGE]
Everyone for emirates!
MMMX - KLAX Group Flight
A Question About Topic.
(Departed) Flying around the world from LFPG to EDDF
How to make a good event
9/11 remembrance flight
airBaltic Virtual Recruitment Event! @ EVRA - 132230ZFEB18 [CLOSED]
Singles Landing Competition (1 Attending) @KPSP-261800ZMAY19
Saturday noon flyout @ KSEA - 191900ZJAN19
IFVARB Feedback and Questions
Philippine airlines event
Induction Flight with Turkish VA @ EGBB -FROM 141545ZOCT18
[Open] 7/21/2018 Event to where you want to fly. Location KMIA.
looking ***NOW***
Executive Jet Charter Recruitment Event @KVNY - 080100ZNOV18
Huge Austin Fly out. All gates accepted
[LANDED!]SWA1380 Honor Flight @ KLGA - 250020ZAPR18
Singapore Airlines schedule
[CLOSED]Monthly Flyout!
[1 DAY LEFT GET YOUR GATE SOON!]The American Airshow @ KMIA - 091800ZSEP18
Philiphene airlines schedule
A Fly out of Acapulco- MMAA
Prop Planes Event on Long Island @ KHTO - 281800ZAPR19
ethiopian crash
Flight @KRNT - 091230ZMAR19
What about a plane meeting at Lukla?
Gamblers need transport@EDDF-131100ZFEB19
[THIS SATURDAY][PART 1]SWA Hawaii Validation Flight Remake.
Delta to DTW @ KLIT - 011915ZFEB19
How to make an Event
Just a test. Only ignore this thing.
propsed flyout at zurich
MYNN - KMIA Anyone?
[Closed]Military event @KXTA-1800ZJAN19
PHKO formation flight! FEB2 2019 8:30am PST
[Cancelled, Lack of interest] Let's make some music in Austin @ KAUS - 162000ZFEB19
how high do you have to be to make a Flyout
Landing competition
Event KSEA - KONT Alaska Airlines Fly Out.
[FINISHED] Looking for a group of people to do a fighter formation with [ASAP]
Gibraltar airport Challenge *not confirmed* 141800ZJAN19
Australia’s Flagship Airlines @ YMML 030800ZFEB19
[Cancelled] Kai Tak Flyout @VHXX - 161155ZFEB19
Southwest Event at 6(CST)
Flight LSZH-OMDB a classical A380/A330 route @LSZH - 191100ZJAN19
New year flight! DD:31dec(start)-4jan(ends) YY:18
New Year Flyout (YMML-YSSY)
(Changed date attending)Thursday noon flyout @MGGT - 302100ZDEC18
EHAM to EGLL group flight
[CLOSED]Singapore airlines schedule
[Closed] Plane & Pilot Patterns: Coastal Florida Patterns! @ KFLL - 161700ZDEC18
Flight from KMCO - KLAX
Flight from KMCO - KLAX
[Closed ]Christmas in Finland @EFHK 221800ZDEC18
[Closed ]Christmas in Finland @EFHK 221800ZDEC18
Race to the apple - Boeing 737 update! @ KMCO - 122100ZDEC18
Homage to the dead on the Lamia flight 2933 [LOCKED UP] @ SBCH - 292100ZNOV18
Air showwwww!
[CANCELLED]Winter time charters @EGKK 251600ZNOV18
[Today!] Fill the airport San Antonio Flyout@KSAT-272000ZJAN19
[Today!] Fill the airport San Antonio Flyout@KSAT-272000ZJAN19
[Event Over!] Christmas With Roses @KPDX - 221800ZDEC18
Can everyone make events
Date change-Polar express flight @ KMSP - 232100ZDEC18 cancled sorry
[CLOSED] Cyprus - Gatwick - EasyJet Extravaganza @ LCLK - 181030ZNOV18
(Cancelled) Flyout - TL2 Celebration @ KBOS - 212030ZNOV18
The Epic KJFK Flyout @ KJFK - 251800ZNOV18[cancelled]
[Closed] Gran Tour D’Europa Vol.2: La Ville Lumiere. @ LIRF - 241700ZNOV18
[CANCELED] DC-10 Landing competition @ FACT - 072000ZDEC18
POSEPONED unless more people come Infinite Flight Airshow @ KNUC - 010600ZDEC18
0911201823:00 UTC flush Bush event C130 style
Thanksgiving In the Caribbean! [CANCELLED] @ MYNN - 241900ZNOV18
Thanksgiving In the Caribbean! [CANCELLED] @ MYNN - 241900ZNOV18
(Completed thanks to everyone who came) YBBN flyout @YBBN- 030500ZNOV18
[Completed!] Innsbruck Flyout! @ LOWI - 252000ZNOV18
Happy Thanksgiving! @KBOS - 242000ZNOV18
[FLIGHT IS IN PROGRES] Flash Long Haul Flight to Cannes! @KVNY - 262115OCT18
Overnight flight from Oakland to Shanghai | Feel free to join
[complete] Flying the Thompson and Fraser Rivers @ CYKA - 041900ZNOV18
KBOS Flyout on October 27th, 2018 at 3 PM EDT
(IN 2 WEEKS! 6 PILOTS 17 GATES LEFT!) Southwest Fun Flight! @KSJC - 201700ZNOV18
Los Angeles to London @ KLAX - 140930ZOCT18
EGBB TO OMDB BRUMMIES ON TOUR expert server @EGBB - 131530ZOCT18
Beautiful Australia @YSSY 200600ZOCT18 ( finished)
Want to do a flight with me now? JOIN ME!
[COMPLETE] Delta Destinations to Salt Lake City | @ KSLC - 132000ZOCT18
Dubai Virtual Airshow 2018 @ OMDW - 24-250700ZNOV18
Sundair Flight/ Fly with me!
Medium To long haul flights JOIN!
[Closed] Mesa Gateway fly out! @ KIWA - 071700ZOCT18
Newark to Singapore Celebration Flight [CLOSED] @KEWR - 240230ZSEP18
Beautiful Australia @YSSY 200600ZOCT18 ( finished)
(Completed) Beautiful Queensland @YMML - 070100ZOCT18
Beautiful Australia @YSSY 200600ZOCT18 ( finished)
[CLOSED] Colorado Morning Flight @ KDEN - 220230ZSEP18
[ Cancelled ]Flybe short hops @ EGHQ - 232000ZSEP18
CDG To RUN - Join Me On My Flight @ FMEE 142000ZSEP18
FEMA FNF Suggestion.
Southwest and AirTran Flyout @ KTUS - 011800ZOCT18- (CLOSED DUE TO NO PILOTS)
Southwest and AirTran Flyout @ KTUS - 011800ZOCT18- (CLOSED DUE TO NO PILOTS)
[Cancelled]Across the Largest Ocean! @KLAX - 222200ZSEP22
KTUS and KDAL flyout and flyin 11800Z18OCT
Melbourne Fly-Out! @YMML - 230030ZSEP18
Who want to fly with me! (Only 1 pilot)
Infinite Flight Youtuber Community Event (Biggest Event EVER) @ LSZH - 292000ZSEP18
(Completed :D) NAS Oceana Airshow @ KNTU - 29/301500ZSEP18
Fedex Express Virtual presents September 11 memorial event @KIAD-1615zSEP11
[EVENT - Info TBD] How Long Will It Fly? "Just Keep Fueling..."
Flight remembering the Victims of 9/11/2001
Jfk To Seattle Challenge
Tijuana fly out
A Fly-out from Venezuela!
Monday United airline 1301
[CLOSED!13%FILLED :KATL Flyout and Flyin @KATL 82400ZSEP18
Creating a event and need help
[Cancelled] Huge Airport EVENT @ VIDP - 230630ZSEP18
IFAM Event - Blue Skies
[CLOSED]ACVA Flash Event @MMDO - 011930ZAUG18
[Open] 7/21/2018 Event to where you want to fly. Location KMIA.
Online flight
Event for Latinos @ MMMX 301000ZJAN18
KPBI Event! @ KPBI - 081700ZJUL18
Tailwinds Presents Frankfurt Or Bust! @ KBOS - 172000ZJUN18 [COMPLETED]
[Postponed]Landing Contest | Show me those greasers... @ KSJC - 151945ZJUN18
(Cancelled) Stanley Cup Showdown @KLAS - 072200ZJUN18
Wings Over Pittsburgh Virtual Event! @ KPIT - 151600ZJUL18
(Canceled, Sorry )Explore Romania! @ LROP - 270700ZMAY18
Memorial Day fly by @ KADW - 282300ZMAY18
OMDB-KJFK 0300ZULU (May 26)
OMDB-KJFK 0300ZULU (May 26)
Capital Virtual Airlines- Opening Ceremony @ KDFW - 071700ZAPR18
{CANCELLED} Flying the worlds hardest approach @ SBGL - 242100ZFEB18
Attention all mods
[Completed] United Airlines Inaugural Flight to YSSY @ KSFO - 011000ZMAY18
The longest event ever... Long flights: P1(Date Changed) [Finished] @ KEWR - 162230ZMAR18
How to do the date and time for an event title
How to do the date and time for an event title
realistic airport event @ VIDP 102200ZFEB18
Celebrating Launch of vRYR @ EIDW - 171900ZMAR18
[Sortie closed] IFAE-GAF Open House Flight @ KCHS - 172000ZFEB188
Night-flight on Casual @ KATL - 201900ZMAR18
Night-flight on Casual @ KATL - 201900ZMAR18
[CLOSED] My Final Live Flight! @ KLAS - 190100ZAPR18
Flight around the carriben (start of world tour)
When making a event
How to Start Event
(Join Us, 4 attending)”The Third-World Airport” Huge LaGuardia Flyout @KLGA - 151500ZJUN19
Event times
Event times
The Last Frontier of the Alaskan Wilderness @ PAJN 221800ZJUN19 [CANCELLED]
How can I make an event
Landing Challenge @ KLGA - 270125ZMAY19
Swiss001’s event @EDDF - 240600ZMAY19 [LANDED]
Landing Compeition Participants/Virtual Airlines
KMEM Northwest Hub memory @ KMEM - 051900ZJUL19 (CANCELLED)
I am looking to create an event
Group flight or event or...?
Group flight or event or...?
Inaugural Spanish IFcommunityEvent's Event
[Closed]Flight out of KPVD @ KPVD - 211800ZAPR19
Cross The Pond
A goodbye to LTBA and a welcome to LTFM @ LTFM - 81352ZAPR19
How do I make events?
EGLL - GCTS Departure at 11:15 GMT
Sun N’ Fun LIVE AIRSHOW till 9:00pm EST Apr. 5
Trust level to host events?
SUN n’ FUN @Lakeland Linder International Airport April 2-7 2019 (SUN n’ FUN @ KLAL - 02/070900ZAPR19)
SUN n’ FUN @Lakeland Linder International Airport April 2-7 2019 (SUN n’ FUN @ KLAL - 02/070900ZAPR19)
SUN n’ FUN @Lakeland Linder International Airport April 2-7 2019 (SUN n’ FUN @ KLAL - 02/070900ZAPR19)
(Closed) Formation Practice @ KEDW - 29000ZMAR19
Pushin’ to the Limits @CYVR 151500ZAPR19
possible all female group flight