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Operating system:

I got an error code 7. What should I do?

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Welcome to the IFC.

This usually occurs when Infinite Flight cannot connect to the server. Is the device connected to the internet?

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This is due to one of IF’s server providers being down at this time. This is causing issues not only on IF but other applications that use their system. It is being investigated. Try restarting your app I was able to get in now.

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There’s currently an issue at Cloudflare, which is a network service used by many different web services all around the globe. Quite a few major online services are affected by this issue right now, and unfortunately Infinite Flight seems to be one of them.

Cloudflare says that they identified the problem and are working on solving it. Updates are provided here.

As said above, you can try restarting the app, it works on and off. It will take a bit longer for the issue to be resolved but it’s worth a shot now :)

Hope this helps



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